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12:50 PM PDT Update: Dyn continues to work to mitigate the attacks aimed at their infrastructure. You can view their updates here.

Additionally, a community member has pointed out a workaround, switching your DNS servers. Please be careful when changing anything related to your DNS, especially if you are unsure how the settings work:


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Scroll down for instruction for Windows.


Greetings Adventurers,

We've been made aware from multiple reports that certain users are having difficulty logging in or connecting to Glyph. Our network team has investigated the situation, and the connectivity issues seem to be related to a DDoS attack outside of our network against the Dyn Managed Internet DNS servers. These attacks have affected connectivity across the internet, and may be affecting your connections to our servers as well.

For more information on this situation, you can visit Dyn's website for new updates. We will post more information on connectivity to our service as we see improvements or deterioration in service.

If you're interested in how this is happening, Gizmodo has released a full description of why the attacks work they way they do and how so many companies can be affected. You can read their articles on today's denial of service here:

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