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11:10 PM UTC Update: The day has been stable so far, so I'm going to close this for now. Should this happen again, our team will be back to mitigate the DDOS and we will re-open this thread. Thank you for your patience, all!

5:15 PM UTC: The European servers are back online. Thanks for your patience! Our teams will continue to monitor the servers and will continue to mitigate issues if they appear.

4:15 PM UTC Update: With the recurrence of the login issues, we will be proceeding with the previously planned region restart.

3:25 PM UTC Update: The issue has recurred and the prior game service restart has not alleviated the issue. The team is re-gathering and re-investigating. Thank you for your patience.

11:30 AM UTC Update: We've restarted some other game services that did not affect players in game, and those restarts have alleviated the issue. We will not be proceeding forward with the full region restart at this time. Thank you very much for your patience, and the problem is now resolved!

11:10 AM UTC Update: We are making the decision to restart all EU servers shortly to help alleviate this issue. More information on that restart is here:

Good morning, adventurers!

We're aware that players are currently unable to log into the European region and we are currently investigating the issue. We'll keep this thread updated with new information as the team investigates. Thank you for your patience!

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