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6:57 PM PST Update: The team is resolving the visual error on EU specifically at this point.

6:50 PM PST Update: All servers are available for login once more.

6:45 PM PST Update: The login server restart is still in progress. Currently you can reach the server select screen and it says all worlds are under maintenance. That visual error will be fixed shortly.

6:31 PM PST Update: We are going ahead with the login server restart -- it will be completed shortly.

6:20 PM PST Update: We will absolutely need to do a login server restart, and doing so will disconnect everyone from the queues they are in. We are currently scheduling a time for the restart and getting the appropriate members of the team in place. More information shortly.

Greetings Adventurers,

Our team has just corrected a portion of the issues that just hit everyone: inability to log into the website. However, we may still have to restart our login servers in order to fully restore service and correct the blank character select screens. Updates will be posted to this thread as we get them. Thank you for your patience.

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