Posted On   By   ArcheAge Server Status   Comments Off on 12/22 — Users receiving 2024 errors when signing into Glyph [RESOLVED]
2:27 PM PST Update: The login issues have been addressed, as well as the grey screens. Players should now be able to log back in with minimal grey and black screens standing in their way. Thank you for your patience!

2:07 PM PST Update: The gray screens some players are experiencing are most likely related to the errors coming out of Glyph logins at the moment. Once the Glyph logins are up and running again, we'll double-check that gray screens are no longer returning.

Greetings Adventurers,

Our team is aware of users having difficulties signing into Glyph, and the Glyph team is currently looking into it. Thanks for your patience, and we'll keep you updated here!

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