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10:37 PM PST Update: We've received the patch from XLGAMES, and it is currently in testing and build deployment. The latter part, the build deployment, takes approximately 7-12 hours to complete. Once the deployment prep is closer to being finished, we'll be able to adequately estimate when we'll be able to deploy the patch to the servers.

We'll update this thread if we have new news to share, otherwise this thread will not receive an update until we're closer to the build deployment's completion tomorrow morning.

9:48 PM PST Update: We're looking into reports from some players that they are disconnected at 100% on loading screens when coming back into the game from character creation.

We also have some reports of portals and or mounts not spawning in the world, but this is a result of the server configuration change that lowered the amount of units that can be in the world simultaneously. These errors may persist until we can get the final patch from XLGAMES that will correct the underlying issue, as noted on our updates.

8:25 PM PST Update: Everyone, the servers are open once more. The server configuration changes have been made, and they will reduce the number of issues you may see, but this is not a permanent solution. We will need another patch from XLGAMES before this problem will be officially vanquished. That change is being built by the team and will be sent to us to add to the servers as soon as we can.

We are already discussing adding another player compensation pack with XLGAMES, as this downtime has been both lengthy and sporadic. We very much appreciate all of you sticking with us, posting to the forums, and for your support of the game. Thank you!

From Khrolan, "The primary reason the NPCs are disappearing is due to the massive number of NPCs and interactable items (harvestables) spawned in the world. This state is occurring more now than previously due to land being established (primarily Auroria) and a high number of dungeon instances being open.
To help diffuse the problem, we're deactivating the third instances of the Ayanad Library (on each floor), reducing the number of arena and mirage island instances and disabling a large number of the Warborn starting instances.
If we reach the item limit again, dungeons will be affected first, followed by the overworld. A more permanent solution will be provided by XL Games overnight, but we'll be applying these changes shortly, in an attempt to restore the service this evening."
On a side note, the issue originates from Reckoning and Vengeance due to high server loads, but it is spreading to all NA legacy servers, because they all share the same environment back end.
This also means we will have to shut ALL NA SERVERS DOWN again, in 15 minutes.
Configuration changes will be made to help limit the problem.
All NA servers will be brought back up as quickly as possible.


4:55 PM PST: - Bad tidings... Reckoning-NA and Vengeance-NA are offline once more and will remain so until we receive a new build from XL. ~Brasse

4:25 PM PST: The rest of the NA servers now coming online: Morpheus-NA, Kraken-NA, Nazar-NA, Hanure-NA, Reckoning-NA, Vengeance-NA!

4:22 PM PST: Ollo-NA, Tahyang-NA and Salphira-NA also coming online now!

4:17 PM PST: Kyrios-NA now online as well.

4:15 PM PST Update: Aranzeb-NA is now online. The team is bringing it up as a test, and if successful, the other servers will follow. Watching this thread to see how it goes!

3:15 PM PST Update: The work between XL and Trion continues, and XL is exploring the current options available for resolutions to these issues. Next update in 2 hours, or earlier if we have new information.

2:05 PM PST Update: We're working with the team at XLGAMES and running a further series of tests with them. While the servers are back up and running, we're going to continue to leave them closed to players as they continue to investigate. Next update will be in 1 hour, or earlier if we have new information.

1:05 PM PST Update: The servers are in their final phases of rebooting, and the team will be moving through them with standard testing before opening them up for play. We should have all servers back online within the hour, as an estimate. If that should change, we'll update the thread here.

Hello everyone,

As noted in our other thread, we will be performing a complete restart of all North American servers today at 12:15 PM. Many servers are showing signs of NPCs no longer appearing, and part of what we need to do to fix this problem is fully restart the entire region.

We'll keep this thread update with new information as we get it.

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