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4:15 PM PST Update: NA Aranzeb is now online. The team is bringing it up as a test, and if successful, the other servers will follow. Watching this thread to see how it goes! 4:17 PM PST: Kyrios now online as well.

3:15 PM PST Update: The work between XL and Trion continues, and XL is exploring the current options available for resolutions to these issues. Next update in 2 hours, or earlier if we have new information.

2:05 PM PST Update: We're working with the team at XLGAMES and running a further series of tests with them. While the servers are back up and running, we're going to continue to leave them closed to players as they continue to investigate. Next update will be in 1 hour, or earlier if we have new information.

1:05 PM PST Update: The servers are in their final phases of rebooting, and the team will be moving through them with standard testing before opening them up for play. We should have all servers back online within the hour, as an estimate. If that should change, we'll update the thread here.

Hello everyone,

As noted in our other thread, we will be performing a complete restart of all North American servers today at 12:15 PM. Many servers are showing signs of NPCs no longer appearing, and part of what we need to do to fix this problem is fully restart the entire region.

We'll keep this thread update with new information as we get it.

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