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1:05 PM PST Update: The servers are in their final phases of rebooting, and the team will be moving through them with standard testing before opening them up for play. We should have all servers back online within the hour, as an estimate. If that should change, we'll update the thread here.

11:52 AM PST Update: We will be restarting all of our servers in 20 minutes. We've noticed similar symptoms recur on Reckoning, and wish to check all servers and perform a complete restart of the entire region.

11:30 AM PST Update: Reckoning is back open, but our work continues on Vengeance. We've also noticed a similar set of issues on Kraken, and will be restarting that server at 11:45 PM PST today as well for the same set of maintenance.

11:13 AM PST: Both Vengeance and Reckoning are in need of more tender care than a restart, and our engineers are manually fixing a few regions within the game to resolve their NPC spawning issues. We're extending our estimate by another hour to 12:00 PM PST.

10:02 AM PST Update -- We see the same issues occurring in Vengeance, and we will be restarting the server in 3 minutes as well.


We've received your reports of NPCs disappearing on Reckoning, and the team has already found the issue. We'll be restarting the Reckoning server today at 10:00 AM PST (10 minutes from this post) to fix this issue. Restart should take under an hour to be completed. Thanks for your patience!

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