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Hey all,

The Golden Ticket reward item was made available in an unintended way and NA and EU ArcheAge servers have been brought offline to resolve the issue.

We're sorry we weren't able to provide more warning before coming offline but it was important to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Expect an update to this forum post in 1 hour with news on our progress.

4:40PM PDT Update: While the team is still working on resolving the issue, we wanted to share additional details.

The Golden Tickets were not intended to be released in the way that they were, so we've been hard at work to remove all of them from the game. IE: We've removed them from all users, on all servers, across all regions. Since these Golden Tickets could be redeemed for items, we are in the process of removing all of those, too. It's a complicated process with a lot of moving pieces, which is why the team has been working on this tirelessly since 12:30 PM PDT.

Additionally, I know some of you have been wondering where Celestrata is. She's actually out of office both today and tomorrow, as she is getting married. But, myself (Morgana) and the other members of the community team will make sure someone is always here to update you all.

We'll be back in another 2 hours, or earlier if there is any new info.

2:38 PM PDT Update: The team is still diligently working on cleanup, and progress has been steady. However, there is still a fair bit more to do. We'll be back in about 2 hours with our next update.

1:33 PM PDT Update: While are still working on resolving the issue, the team has made steady progress. We'll be back in another hour with an additional update, or sooner if we have news. Thanks for your patience.

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