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3:42pm PST Update: [Khrolan] NA SERVERS: Kraken, Nazar, and Hanure will be made available for login in 3 minutes at 3:45pm PST.

3:20pm PST Update: [Khrolan] North American servers are coming up internally now under a locked status. They're currently undergoing the validation process. We're close.

2:50pm PST Update: [Amary] We're seeing issues related to the ones that affected the EU servers before they were opened and XL and our engineers are troubleshooting at this time. I'll be updating with progress as soon as I have it or in an hour at the latest.

1:35pm PST Update: [Amary] Maintenance is still ongoing to bring NA servers online. I've been told to expect another hour added to the estimate for opening NA servers. Current ETA is 3:00pm PST.

12:34pm PST Update: [Amary] We tried to make up the added time from the EU maintenance delay but it looks like we won't have servers fully checked out in time. At this point we're pushing back the start of NA server openings by 1 hour to 2:00pm PST. For the latest updates, please keep an eye on this thread or our official Twitter. Thank you~!


The North American ArcheAge servers will be unavailable at 1:00 AM PST (UTC-8) on Saturday, December 10 for the release of our highly anticipated major update, ArcheAge: Revelation.

The estimated duration for this downtime is 12 hours. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of the downtime. Final patch notes will be posted on Saturday, but preliminary patch notes can be found on our in our Public Test Server forums.

Our current plan is to bring servers back online between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM PST on Saturday, December 10. Servers will be brought online one at a time during this window, in a randomized order. Players will be able to download the Revelation update prior to the launch, during the downtime. Servers will be announced on our official Twitter channel, as well as visible from the in-game server select screen. An announcement will be made when patching begins.

If you have questions on how the new Fresh Start servers work, make sure to read our Fresh Start server FAQ.

North American players, please do not play on the European servers when they are updated. If you do, you will be unable to go back to the North American servers until this update is completed, or the game will ask you to re-download the full client.

Thanks for your patience, and we can't wait to see you back in Erenor!

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