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7:24 AM PDT Update: The staff will need 30 more minutes to complete our work this morning, as the game was temporarily not generating logs. This issue has been resolved and the team is proceeding forward with their work.

Hi everyone!

We received a hotfix build which we're planning to publish to the North American AA servers tomorrow.

Our apologies for the additional downtime, which is planned to take approximately 2 hours, at 6:00 AM PDT on 6/9/2017.

Content Update
  • Adjusted boss spawn times. Boss spawns are all centered around 6:00 PM PDT instead of the 8:00 PM PDT.

Bug Fix
  • Relic Merchant will no longer delete a players equipped glider.
  • Replaced "Basic Bleach" with "White Pigment" in the crafting recipe for the Rampage 200 Frame.
  • The design for the Rampage is not available for Mirage Isle. It has been added to the Gilda Star tab in the Marketplace.
  • Silver and Copper Key crafting recipes have been disabled due to incorrect recipes.
  • Replaced "Cactus" with "Aloe" in the crafting Mass Production recipe for the Rainbow Polish.

  • Applied the latest translations

As always, a reminder that cross-playing between NA and EU servers during the window where the two regions are running on different builds can cause patch issues forcing a full re-download.

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