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Hi everyone!

We received a hotfix build which we're planning to publish to the North American AA servers tomorrow.

Our apologies for the additional downtime, which is planned to take approximately 2 hours, at 6:00 AM PDT on 6/9/2017.

Content Update
  • Adjusted boss spawn times. Boss spawns are all centered around 6:00 PM PDT instead of the 8:00 PM PDT.

Bug Fix
  • Relic Merchant will no longer delete a players equipped glider.
  • Replaced "Basic Bleach" with "White Pigment" in the crafting recipe for the Rampage 200 Frame.
  • The design for the Rampage is not available for Mirage Isle. It has been added to the Gilda Star tab in the Marketplace.
  • Silver and Copper Key crafting recipes have been disabled due to incorrect recipes.
  • Replaced "Cactus" with "Aloe" in the crafting Mass Production recipe for the Rainbow Polish.

Ancestral Levels
  • Upon logging in, players who lost levels will get them back, along with their skill points.

  • Applied the latest translations

As always, a reminder that cross-playing between NA and EU servers during the window where the two regions are running on different builds can cause patch issues forcing a full re-download.

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