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Revelation Known Issues
Known Issues are bugs that have been identified and will be fixed in an upcoming patch to the game.
  • Moving from in-game to the character select screen can result in a black screen, requiring the player to reload the game before they can reach character select. Players on high graphics settings may not experience this crash.
  • Players first logging in may have the camera move wildly around the screen. As a workaround, switch your screen type from full screen to windowed, or windowed to full screen. Upon being set back, the camera should return to normal.
  • Players who equip a Two Handed weapon and receive the Two Handed Weapon buff will not see your listed Attack Speed decrease. This is because the buff decreases your Global Cooldown, and that statistic is no longer displayed on the Character Sheet. The buff is still offering the benefit of a -7% Global Cooldown on your skills.
  • The Antiquities Merchant that will spawn at Rank 3 Community Centers in Hasla, Perinoor Ruins, Two Crowns, and White Arden does not have a name or title above their head.
  • The range of the cannons during Halcyona’s Golden Plains Battle have not had their range reduced.

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