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Update 12:58 PM PST -- Many of you have reported issues with the grace period saving and the saving space in queue. While we are aware that these features are working for some people, we are looking into why they may not be working for others. This may be related to the major disconnections we see on the servers, which our team has already been dissecting. Thank you to those of you who reported it.

Good day all! Welcome to the State of the Game update thread.

Each day, as the team continues to work and move through your feedback, we're going to create a new thread and update it with the latest things we here on the ArcheAge team are doing to improve your experience. As things change or we get new information, we'll update this thread accordingly.

And, before we get any further, we want to thank all of you on behalf of the ArcheAge team here at Trion Worlds. We really appreciate having all of you here and joining us for the launch of Revelation. Some of you are new to the game (welcome!), and many of you have been with us before and have made the decision to return and give us another shot, despite what you may have experienced in the past.

We know it's been an intense few days, and we're not stopping until we can improve the launch experience for everyone. Both teams from XLGAMES and Trion Worlds have been involved in this effort, so we have the full power of the ArcheAge team behind this launch. After all of this is done, we will be putting together a thank you gift for all of you who have joined us. But, our work comes first, and let's begin with our update.

Here's where we are at for today:

--Last night's hardware upgrade on Reckoning (NA) and Vengeance (NA) has improved the server stability and performance. We continue to let more players into the world as the server will allow, much as we did with Prophecy in letting more players in than the standard server capacity. (EU's Prophecy is currently running at 300% normal capacity.) All three Fresh Start servers are stable with a queue. All Legacy servers possess no queues, but have shown major population increases, so you may see a few new faces on your server!

--Increasing capacity on our existing Fresh Start servers is a major push for us, as we'd like to welcome new players in without opening additional servers and possibly splitting the population.

--We've received a server optimization patch for Reckoning (NA) and Vengeance (NA) from XLGAMES last night, and the team will be applying that patch during a server restart later today. We'll announce when that work will take place, and give you ample time to finish up any work you may be doing on the servers.

--Last night's changes also instituted a feature that will save your place in a queue, even if you are disconnected by the server for some reason. If you are disconnected from our login server, upon closing and restarting the game you may be shown a "duplicate login" error. If you close and restart once more, you'll receive a window showing your place in line. You will continue to move through the queue during those restarts.

--If you are disconnected while playing the game, your spot on the server will be saved for about 5 minutes. Re-launching the client and re-connecting will put you back into the game, right where you left off.

--We've received numerous requests to re-enable AFK kicking, and we will be doing so later today. This thread will be updated once the feature is enabled.

--Character transfers and name changes are currently offline as we continue to address changes to our servers, especially our Fresh Start servers. They will be re-enabled after we address the disconnections and queues players have been experiencing.

--There are continued concerns around players who attempt to transfer wealth in the form of credits from Legacy servers to Fresh Start servers. Some of you have found an issue where it is possible to create an alt character on an alternate region to bypass the account restrictions. However, we have had a system in place that prevents anyone from playing a single account on both legacy and fresh start. The moment the system detects a player attempting to do this in any way (as players have described their concerns in a few ways), their account is flagged and immediately booted out of the game upon logging in. In addition, their account is immediately sent to our GM Team in Customer Service, and those who attempted to abuse this mechanism will receive punishments.

The same holds true for any items found on the server that should not be there. Recently we found that some players were able to get items such as the Winged Love Paddleboat onto the Fresh Start server. Those players were immediately suspended for 24 hours and had any disallowed items removed from their characters. The method available for them to do that has been removed.

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