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Good day all! Welcome to the State of the Game update thread for December 14.

Here's where we are at for today:

--Yesterday we've re-enabled the AFK kick on our Fresh Start servers only. Players who AFK for too long will be removed from the game in order to make room for additional players in queue.

--Last night, the team restarted many pieces of our login servers in order to help improve login flow, reduce disconnections, and reduce the number of black screens players were receiving. While that measure did help at the time, such a restart is a temporary fix while the team continues to work to resolve the core of the login and disconnection issues.

--Overnight, our teams worked closely with the XLGAMES development team. XL has sent us a new patch for one of their login components to help improve queue stability and reduce disconnections. The new patch is live (the patch did not require downtime), and we are currently monitoring performance.

--The team is currently working on preparing a series of networking configuration changes which were suggested by XL. The aim of these changes is to not only reduce disconnections, but further improve the amount of people we can have on our Fresh Start servers. These changes will not require any sort of patch to your game (as they affect our servers), but they will require a server restart and login server restart to take effect. We will be restarting all of our servers in North America, both Legacy and Fresh Start, at that time.

Those restarts will take place at 11:15 AM PST, and will require about 60 minutes to be completed.

--Character transfers and character renames remain offline as we continue to work on disconnections and login queue problem reports. They will be re-enabled after we address the previously stated issues.

--As mentioned in yesterday's State of the Game, we will be preparing a thank you gift to everyone who has been working with us through the issues surrounding Revelation's launch. More details on that gift will be posted after the prior issues are addressed.

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