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Good day all! Welcome to the State of the Game update thread for December 15.

Here's where we are at for today:

--Yesterday's patches did overall allow us to speed up and stablize the queue a bit further for the North American regions. Vengeance and Reckoning are now able to hold more players than standard capacity (much like Prophecy over on EU), but that number is still not where we'd like it to be. That said, folks would have seen an improvement in queues last night during North American prime time.

--Based on the visible improvements from last night, we've made recommendations to XLGAMES on how to improve that part of the game's queuing system. They've taken those recommendations and have sent in a new version of part of the system that processes the queue, which we will be releasing today in conjunction with the other new processor we received last night. The Trion team continues to make OS level and system level optimizations in addition to making recommendations to the XLGAMES team.

--At the same time all of the above is going on, the whole team is meticulously tracing through every step of the hardware installation. We're talking reviewing the way every cable is attached, every port setting, power requirements and current temperatures, and more. The goal with this detailed review is to make sure everything in the datacenter is performing as best as possible, which everything has been so far.

--Both the Trion team and XLGAMES team continue to work overnights in their respective timezones (Korea's night being our day, of course, and our night being their day.) The primary goal continues to be to get the North American Fresh Start servers running at the same capacity that Prophecy is running, without the disconnections and black screens.

--European players, Prophecy's restart will be coming up soon so we can enable AFK kicking on that server. We'll have more information on that later today, as soon as the maintenance window is fully confirmed.

--In the Customer Service side of the company, the team continues to work as hard as possible to answer your many questions and issues you're submitting to Right now, our average response time for tickets is between 3-4 days. To shorten that length, the team is all working overtime. We'll be working harder than those miners in Halo Hallow!

--For us in the Community Team, we're going to be switching to a more formal schedule over the weekend and will be including more of the team beyond just myself. This way we can continue to communicate with you guys, answer your questions, and provide updates as they come in. You'll be seeing familiar faces like Rift's Morgana and Trove's Fasti, as well as me and my director, Brasse.

--Character transfers and character renames remain offline as we continue to work on disconnections and login queue problem reports. They will be re-enabled after we address the previously stated issues.

--As mentioned previously, we will be preparing a thank you gift to everyone who has been working with us through the issues surrounding Revelation's launch. More details on that gift will be posted after the prior issues are addressed.

--Finally, the team is absolutely focused on making sure our servers are running as best as they possibly can and tackling the issues regarding disconnections in queue, disconnections at 0 in line, and the black screens that both Fresh Start and Legacy players are seeing. For those reasons, we will not be performing our regularly scheduled Marketplace update this Friday.

This update did include the beginning of our Winter Maiden releases, including the return of the Kyprosa Winter Furs, a new holiday costume, and new holiday weapon skins. We know people were looking forward to them, but we want to remain focused on the critical issues from the Revelation launch. They will be released in a future Marketplace update.

We'll continue with our holiday festivities with the start of the Winter Maiden Festival on 12:01 AM UTC December 21.

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