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Update 4: 7 PM PST (3 AM GMT) - The restarts we performed earlier have worked in most cases. If you're having trouble with the gray screen please allow it to stay on screen for a few minutes as many players will load in after a brief wait. The team will continue to monitor any ongoing login and performance issues overnight.

I definitely missed the update in an hour mark. My apologies. - Fasti

Update 3: 5:20 PM PST (1:20 AM GMT) - The team is working to address the current login issues for NA and fresh start servers. We'll post an update of our progress here in one hour. - Fasti

Update 2: 2:50 PM PST (10:50 PM GMT) - We're doing a restart of our authentication servers to help resolve the issue of players getting stuck and disconnected while in queue.

During the restart some players in fresh start servers may be disconnected. - Fasti

Update: 12:10pm PST - Please see this post for a possible workaround for the grey screen, and request for public support in testing it and the subsidiary queries dev is investigating. Thank you to all the fine minds stepping in to help!

Update: 11:00am PST - no actions planned at this time. We are painfully aware of the grey screen issues being reported. CS advice is to wait or restart, but many players are posting workarounds that we are unable to test or offer advice on.

  • Please do NOT use 3rd party programs in an effort to get into game. They will not work to get you in, and they will result in an account ban.
  • Utilizing VPN to try to achieve connection is fine, but results vary.
  • Yes, it is Sunday, but we are all working.

There are no rollbacks or resets for Fresh Start servers in our current plans.
There is no current plan to shut the Fresh Start servers down because thousands are actually able to play.

Hello folks,

We will again update you regularly today as Trion and XL work toward improving ArcheAge. We we do not plan any major actions today, unless absolutely necessary.

You will see CM Morgana, Sr CM Celestrata, CM Fasti, and myself here, depending on the hour.


The below information will be copied to the first post in each update thread to serve as an ongoing status report:

Here's where we are at for today:

--Overnight, the team continued to keep an eye on the service and continued to make sure it was running as stable as possible. That said, we do continue to see disconnection waves both in the game queue and in the game itself. Both the XLGAMES and Trion teams continue to pull information from the server to aid in all of the work we're doing.

--The Trion Team continues to analyze what we can do to better speed up processes within the login server, and make suggestions accordingly to the XLGAMES team for their review and possible implementation into the game.

--To note, we've also been going through all of the thread on the forums and the various suggestions users have been sending us. Information on VPNs, times of disconnections, and the types of error messages players have been receiving. All of this has been extremely helpful, and we want to thank those of you who have taken the time to better detail your experiences and what you have found as you played.

--Beyond the work that the team has been doing on server stability, capacity, and login server stability, the XLGAMES game development team has put together a patch for a few outstanding issues that the community has reported. Things like the 140% trade pack bug, family functions not working for those outstanding characters with 2 letter names, and others are being addressed with this patch, which is in testing now.

--For us in the Community Team, we're going to be switching to a more formal schedule over the weekend and will be including more of the team beyond just myself. This way we can continue to communicate with you guys, answer your questions, and provide updates as they come in. You'll be seeing familiar faces like Rift's Morgana and Trove's Fasti, as well as me and my director, Brasse.

--Character transfers and character renames remain offline as we continue to work on disconnections and login queue problem reports. They will be re-enabled after we address the previously stated issues.

--As mentioned previously, we will be preparing a thank you gift to everyone who has been working with us through the issues surrounding Revelation's launch. More details on that gift will be posted after the prior issues are addressed.

--Finally, the team is absolutely focused on making sure our servers are running as best as they possibly can and tackling the issues regarding disconnections in queue, disconnections at 0 in line, and the black screens that both Fresh Start and Legacy players are seeing. For those reasons, we will not be performing our regularly scheduled Marketplace update this Friday.

This update did include the beginning of our Winter Maiden releases, including the return of the Kyprosa Winter Furs, a new holiday costume, and new holiday weapon skins. We know people were looking forward to them, but we want to remain focused on the critical issues from the Revelation launch. They will be released in a future Marketplace update.

We'll continue with our holiday festivities with the start of the Winter Maiden Festival on December 21, starting with maintenance.

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