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Good day, everyone! Welcome to the State of the Game Update for December 20th!

Here's where we are at for today:

--Last night's restarts and patch also included another update for our login servers. Since then, we have not seen additional login server issues of note. However, it is very likely that we will begin proceeding to restart servers every 2 to 3 days in order to take care of routine maintenance more frequently. This process will help ensure the servers are running as smoothly as possible.

--The team is still running the North American Fresh Start servers over standard capacity, but their capacity is still not equivalent to their European counterpart, Prophecy. When that capacity is brought too high, additional disconnection waves happen across the server. This is the reason we're keeping their numbers lower than Prophecy's 300% capacity. We will be performing additional investigation and testing on Prophecy in order to better understand what may be contributing to this difference.

--Conversations continue late into the nights for both Trion and XLGAMES. Their team is using the logging added onto the servers yesterday in order to better track what may be causing these waves of game disconnections.

--Today we will see the release of the Winter Maiden Festival, starting at 2:00 AM UTC for EU and 11:00 PM PST for NA. The festival will last all the way to January 11, and additional details on the quests and rewards will be posted later today!

--Thank you gifts will be sent this week to those of you who joined us for our Revelation launch, despite the problems that have been encountered. Unique mounts will be provided to everyone depending on your server type, as well as other items. A separate update will be created to detail what that pack holds and how to retrieve it.

--Character transfers and character renames remain offline as we continue to work on disconnections and login queue problem reports. They will be re-enabled after we address the previously stated issues.

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