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Good day, everyone! Welcome to the State of the Game Update for December 24 (and Merry Christmas Eve!)

Here's where we are at for today:

--Prophecy is now running 600% over capacity, compared to the previous 300%. These new changes have drastically reduced queues on Prophecy. To that end, we have received some reports of server lag on Prophecy, and are investigating what we can do to eliminate that lag while still maintaining the amount of concurrent users we are now supporting. The team is still running the North American Fresh Start servers over standard capacity, but their capacity is still not equivalent to their European counterpart, Prophecy. When that capacity is brought too high, additional disconnection waves happen across the server. Conversations continue for both Trion and XLGAMES. Their team is using the logging added onto the servers in order to better track what may be causing these waves of game disconnections.

--We've re-enabled many previous item grants for Legacy accounts, including grants for the Heated Pool, Lucky Pond, Seaskimmer Speedboat, Skillsaver Pendants, and any packs of items granted as a part of Extra Life donations. In our next wave of item grant enables, we'll include any purchased item pack (such as the Archeum Jubilee Pack, Archeum Ascension Pack, etc.) and any outstanding 2014 Patron item grants.

--The Winter Maiden Festival has begun, and more information on that can be found here.

--At this time, with the disconnections and black screens reduced through preventative measures, we are working on re-enabling the Character Transfer and Character Name Change services.

--As some players have asked if we are cancelling the upcoming siege cycle, we'd like to let you all know that we are not. In-game sieges will continue agnostic of any real world holidays. The only reason the siege schedule would be disrupted or cancelled is if the game is experiencing severe technical issues. Many of the problems being faced right now are on Fresh Start servers, and our login issues (gray and black screens) are being contained through preventative maintenance.

--Compensation gifts are now out and available for pickup. To learn more about what's in these packs and how to claim them, visit our official announcement.

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