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7:14 PM PST Update: As an update to today's earlier posts, we've spoken with the development team at XLGAMES and they have a sent us a way to tackle the dungeons not spawning creatures when the dungeon is opened. The changes will be applied during the next region restart, which will be tomorrow morning for North America and early Thursday morning for Europe.

Good day, everyone! Welcome to the State of the Game Update for December 27.

Here's where we are at for today:

--Yesterday's load testing on Reckoning and Vengeance have gone extremely well, and we're continuing to hold those settings on both servers. If anything changes we'll let you know, but right now we're not seeing any types of disconnection waves from either server. The changes made to the software have held well and have resulted in allowing Reckoning and Vengeance to run at the same capacity levels as Prophecy.

--Speaking of Prophecy, we are aware that number of downtimes Prophecy has experienced has accelerated and we have received a fix for said downtime. We will be releasing that fix to the live servers as soon as possible after we're done testing. The other reported issues, such as dungeons not spawning monsters, altars not spawning during Mistmerrow, and more have been reported to the development team and are currently under investigation.

--We've re-enabled many previous item grants for Legacy accounts, including grants for the Heated Pool, Lucky Pond, Seaskimmer Speedboat, Skillsaver Pendants, and any packs of items granted as a part of Extra Life donations. In our next wave of item grant enables, we'll include any purchased item pack (such as the Archeum Jubilee Pack, Archeum Ascension Pack, etc.) and any outstanding 2014 Patron item grants.

--The Winter Maiden Festival has begun, and more information on that can be found here.

--At this time, with the disconnections and black screens reduced through preventative measures, we are working on re-enabling the Character Transfer and Character Name Change services.

--Compensation gifts are now out and available for pickup. To learn more about what's in these packs and how to claim them, visit our official announcement. If you have not received your gift after 48 hours, you can contact our customer service team at for assistance.

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