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ArcheAge Version 3.5 Known Issues – Erenor Eternal
The following notes cover any known issues that you may encounter while playing Erenor Eternal. We will update this list as any additional issues are uncovered.

  • A few hairstyles listed as new were previously released in our version. We’re checking with the development staff to see if this was intended or if there are newer hairstyles.
  • There is an issue regarding collisions with the newly added Cargo Ship. Please be aware that should players take advantage of this bug to maliciously affect those on the Cargo Ship, it will be treated as an exploit.
  • Diamond Shores Trade Posts are not currently flagged as peaceful territory. This is intended by the design team, and is meant to encourage players to visit their own trade post.
  • Players are currently unable to drop Cargo from their backs with the Drop Trade Pack Skill. To drop Cargo, you will need to open your Character Information menu and right click the Cargo off of your back manually.
  • There are times when the cloud reflection animation on water may be jittery when you look at it on low settings. We are working with the team to better identify the cause of this issue.
  • We are investigating a rare bug that can cause the Ravenspine Wings to fail to apply the Invincible Flight buff.
  • The patch notes state that the Chrome Steamfish Submarine has received the Fire Torpedo skill back, but the vehicle does not have that skill in-game. We are checking to see if this is intended.

  • The Veteran’s Synthesis Package currently says it is offering the Veteran’s Vocation Package when purchased. It is not offering that item, and will appropriately deliver the Veteran’s Synthesis Package. We’re getting a hotfix for this issue as soon as we can.

  • During the Weakened Tower event in Whalesong Harbor, you will get honor when you kill the boss named Jakar. Once Jakar dies, the event will split honor amongst those included. This is intended. More honor will be provided by the quest reward.
  • We’re investigating an issue that may cause Pirates to not receive honor after completing the Shadowed Torch event on Aegis Island.
  • There are areas in Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor where a character may fall through the world. If this occurs, please make use of the unstuck skill in the basic skills menu.
  • There may be an issue where Ghost Foxes don’t spawn on Aegis Island. We are investigating.
  • There is a floating sign near a community building in Solis Headlands. This is unintended and will be removed with the July Update

  • The Raised Swept-Roof Cottage currently generates an error when you attempt to remodel it.

  • When using Mass Production on the Multipurpose Workbench, Pigment/Oil/Polish creation doesn’t require the previous tier item to be created like other recipes.
  • Socketing lunagems on higher grade items currently isn’t increasing in cost, as per the design documents we received.
  • Crafting Illustrious items at different workbenches will result in different labor costs. Normal crafting stations cost 400 labor, while crafting at a Tier 2 house will cost 600 labor. This is intended.
  • A previous patch note stated that the recipe for Bound Tax Certificates was changing. After a discussion with the development team, the recipe is no longer changing and will remain as it was in Update 3.0.
  • Obsidian items will not use sealed crafting equipment in the recipe. This is intended. They will instead require Archeum. The recipes currently on PTS are correct.

  • Our notes on the Akrite’s Earrings and Rings stated the stamina should be 24/27/29, but it is currently appearing as 27/29/30 in-game. We are clarifying this with the development team.
  • There is a chance when using the Rocket Wings glider that the divebomb skill will send you flying to your untimely death. While it’s hilarious, it also doesn’t appear to be intended.
  • Upon switching the Careless Whisper Raiment to its alternate look, the costume changes color from black to white.
  • The Transportation Ticket that allows players to use follow while in Vehicles was not configured correctly. This will be fixed with a hotfix prior to the release of Erenor Eternal.
  • The bronze and silver keys recipes are currently blocked due to a known bug with the recipe. They will be re-enabled with a future hotfix.

  • Players cannot use the Auramancy skill Teleport while riding a mount. This bug was scheduled to be fixed.

  • Korean language icons are currently appearing erroneously on the map.
  • The dotted “out of bounds” line on the Aegis Island map does not line up with the “out of bounds” line on the world map. A player is currently flagged as out of bounds when they touch the line on the Aegis Island zoomed map.
  • The text in the Family Quests UI is currently cutoff. This will be resolved in the July Update.
  • There is a visual glitch where the exclamation point over a Cargo Captain’s head will randomly get up and float away from him.
  • There is an area in Exeloch where the shadows seem to break the laws of the universe and point away from the sun. Someone call Mulder and Scully.
  • Putting your mouse over the Shattered Sea results in a highlighted area that doesn’t match the sea.
  • The Award tab of the Marketplace is not properly aligned. This will be fixed in a hotfix prior to the release of Erenor Eternal.

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