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UPDATE 22: 11:05pm While Reckoning's population has stabilized, we're still working on making the queue and login experience significantly healthier.

UPDATE 21: 9:12pm We are slowly letting more players into Reckoning, watching the health of the login server and game server alike. The team is aware of the disconnects both in and out of queue, and continue to work towards their resolution.

UPDATE 20: 7:52pm Reckoning is now back online, and we will continue to monitor its health.

UPDATE 19: 7:30pm The Reckoning servers are coming up a bit slower than expected, moving our new targeted unlock to 8PM Pacific.

UPDATE 18: 6:12pm FULL RESTART INCOMING FOR RECKONING at 6:30PM PST. This is in an effort to resolve the erroneous "under maintenance" status. 6:57pm: ETA for Reckoning to open again: 7:30pm PST.

[UPDATE 17: 6:02pm PST] We are working with XL, who are in process of doing a full restart of their Authentication server, in an effort to correct the erroneous "under maintenance" status showing for the NA Fresh Start servers, Vengeance and Reckoning. This will place ALL AA servers into the same state - players who are in game will remain in game, and those who are trying to log on or were in queues will be redirected. We apologize for the disruption - our goal is to restore full access to Fresh Start servers.

[UPDATE 16: 4:38pm PST] Aranzeb appears to be waking up from its nap and is open to play again.

[UPDATE 15:] Aranzeb is cycling and undergoing evaluation now. If it passes we'll bring it back online.
I do not have any information past that - it's going to be anywhere from 20 min to an hour, but I WILL update again when I get a number.

[UPDATE 14, 3:50pm PST] Rolling restarts of Authorization/Login servers is underway. Aranzeb is also being restarted for bad behavior and will be back online shortly as well.

[UPDATE 13, 3:36pm PST] In order to resolve the incorrect "under maintenance" message for Reckoning, we are going to run a quick restart of the Authentication/Login server. This will drop ALL people in all queues, but not people already in game. This action will only take a few minutes.

[UPDATE 12, 3:29pm PST] Reckoning continues to be online but shows as "under maintenance" for a subsection of the player base. Dev is actively investigating.

[UPDATE 11, 3:15pm PST]
- We noticed a significant drop in players on Reckoning, but the server is not down/under maintenance.
Techs are investigating but it looks like an Auth/Login rather than game server glitch.
Meanwhile, you may wish to exit your client and restart it if you see that the server appears "under maintenance."

- Re: inability to purchase Fresh Start packs - Customer Service reps are working through the list of level 15 characters to correct any that were not flagged correctly. They are going as fast as they can.

[UPDATE 10, 1:45pm PST] Vengeance and Reckoning are now OPEN!!!11!!!1!

[UPDATE 9, 1:58pm PST] Vengeance and Reckoning WILL UNLOCK AT 2:10pm PST!

[UPDATE 8, 1:45pm PST] Vengeance and Reckoning are now under Verification (as a filthy casual non-tech muggle, I asked what that even means: Verification is internal testing to make sure that all the zones come up, in concert with all game components, ranging from mobs to kills, damage, purchases etc.). It's looking solid so far.

[UPDATE 7, 1:20pm PST] EU Prophecy is UP and working. Go forth!
NA Fresh Start servers Vengeance and Reckoning are with GameOps for final updates.

[UPDATE 6, 1:02pm PST] NA Vengeance and Reckoning folks: hardware update in progress, looking good.
EU Prophecy: logs are pulled for analysis (again, this was unrelated to the NA hardware update). CS is validating the server environs and Prophecy should be up soon. Yes, I know soon is a relative term, but "before the NA Fresh Start upgrade finishes." Best guess based on experience is 20-30 min, as the zones are loading now.

[UPDATE 5, 12:43pm PST] Update on EU Prophecy: the network drop on this server is unrelated to the US hardware upgrade. NetOps is on the case. They are pulling logs for analysis and will start it back up immediately afterwards - no ETA other than as soon as possible!

[UPDATE 4, 12:30pm PST] No EU servers were supposed to come down. We see a major drop on Prophecy and our NetOps are looking into it immediately.

[UPDATE 3, 12:20pm PST] Vengeance and Reckoning are now coming offline for their upgrades. ETA remains at 3 hours.
A few answers to your burning questions:
- The hardware upgrade will allow Dev to increase the server capacity for players.
- Dev will raise the caps slowly and watch the servers closely to ensure they stay stable. I do not have firm numbers available.
- We are not instituting an AFK timer because there are so many, many ways to work around it.
- No changes or downtime for EU servers or other NA servers - they are working normally.

[UPDATE 2. 11:51am PST] Adjusting downtime to 12:20pm PST - broadcasts will go out on those servers at 12:00 noon PST.
Estimated downtime: 3 hours

[UPDATE 1. 11:43am PST] Looks like we may be implementing as early as 12:00 noon PST (yes, 15 minutes). Heads up!

Hey folks!

It's been a heck of a weekend, and we were very happy to welcome everyone back to the North American servers yesterday.

In order to meet the demand for Fresh Start, we're going to be adding even more hardware some time today, which will involve taking Vengeance and Reckoning servers offline for the upgrade. All other servers are staying online.

We wanted to give you a general heads-up soonest, and we'll share the exact time and expected duration as soon as we have it. I will update this thread the very instant that we get the signal from our technical wizards on the schedule!

Thank you for hanging in there with us for Revelations. It's an incredible release, and we are working hard to make it great for everyone!

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