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Hey folks!

It's been a heck of a weekend, and we were very happy to welcome everyone back to the North American servers yesterday.

In order to meet the demand for Fresh Start, we're going to be adding even more hardware some time today, which will involve taking Vengeance and Reckoning servers offline for the upgrade. All other servers are staying online.

[UPDATE. 11:51am PST] Adjusting downtime to 12:20pm PST - broadcasts will go out on those servers at 12:00 noon PST.
Estimated downtime: 3 hours

[UPDATE. 11:43am PST] Looks like we may be implementing as early as 12:00 noon PST (yes, 15 minutes). Heads up!

We wanted to give you a general heads-up soonest, and we'll share the exact time and expected duration as soon as we have it. I will update this thread the very instant that we get the signal from our technical wizards on the schedule!

Thank you for hanging in there with us for Revelations. It's an incredible release, and we are working hard to make it great for everyone!

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