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Greetings Adventurers!

Here are all of the Known Issues that are currently being investigated or worked on by the development team. Thank you to those who have reported them to us! If there are additional issues that are not listed here, please post them into the thread below. Thanks!

Under Investigation
  • The Enoan Galleon's netting currently does not support characters; they will fall through upon setting foot on the netting.
  • Treehouse designs cannot be placed on some of the new southern island housing locations.
  • Some players have reported reaching a black screen and becoming disconnected once they take the wheel of a vehicle. They will be unable to log back in until the vehicle is de-summoned.
  • Some players have reported seeing black textures or slowly loading graphics upon starting the game.
  • Players have reported that they are unable to dismount flying mounts while in mid-air. When attempting to dismount, they receive an error message regarding being stunned, snared, or slept.
  • The times the Gold Trader spawns on Freedich Island does not match the in-game schedule.
  • The trade pack timer is resetting by 5% every hour, not 30 minutes as described in the patch notes.
  • Players are unable to craft Ayanad Scrolls at the Disciple's Workbench in Diamond Shores.
  • The Albino Yata's speed has been increased to 10.5 m/s, where it was previously 10.0 m/s.
  • The camera while riding a mount unnaturally bounces up and down.
  • The upgrade tiers of certain Mistsong Summit weapons are missing from the crafting list.
  • Songcraft: Healing Hymn no longer bounces to a pet, and may not bounce to more than two people.
  • The description of the active effect on the Daier Necklace does not match the Necklace's actual function.
  • Bound Duun's Blessing does not work on Bound Red Regrade Charms.
  • Players unable to claim the Seaknight buff from the flags a day after Abyssal Attack has passed.
  • Garlic crops appear as Strawberry crops in the open world.

To Be Fixed With the June Update
  • The Albino Yata's speed has been increased to 10.5 m/s, where it was previously 10.0 m/s. This error will be addressed in the June Update.

Working As Designed
  • Lord's Coins were previously described as sellable on the Auction House. This is not the case, and it is intended that Lord's Coins are tradable, but not able to be sold on the Auction House. The patch notes will be updated to reflect this correct behavior.

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