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6:46 AM PST Update: All EU servers have been opened this morning, and are now letting in players. We'll continue to monitor for any signs of issues.

Update 3 - 6:30 AM PST (2:30 PM GMT) - We've implemented some updates and will be opening Prophecy soon. If Prophecy remains stable we'll be able to bring up additional servers. We're keeping a close eye on everything and working closely with XL until we're up and running again.

[UPDATE, 2:22 AM PST]: The issue is evolving on all EU servers now.
As a precaution, we are taking ALL EU servers offline at 2:50 AM PST.

EU servers began experiencing issues following the recent update.
We saw rolling zone crashes on Prophecy and brought the server down for maintenance.
Shatigon will come offline for the same reason at 2:20 AM PST.

Because this may be related to the build we just updated, this will likely delay the NA update. We are working with XL to discover the root cause of the issue.

Will update this thread with news and information as we receive it.

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