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Update 4 - 7:55 PM PDT - Nui and Aria are currently down again. As previously mentioned, we'll be bringing them back online as soon as possible.

Update 3 - 7:10 PM PDT - NA servers are back online. We're continuing to monitor the situation closely. If we run into issues again we will bring everything back online as quickly as possible. We're working with XL to try to resolve the underline cause as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your patience.

Update 2 - 6:20 PM PDT - Servers in NA are back offline and we're investigating. Please bear with us.

Update 1 - We're back online and monitoring things. If we run into any additional issues we'll update this post, but you should all be good to go. Thanks.

Hey all,

The team is aware of the issue preventing players from accessing NA servers and are working to resolve it.

We'll post updates here periodically so please keep an eye on this thread for more info.


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