Solar Scarecrow Garden and Red Hauler Fusion Certificate, now on Fresh Start!

A few old favorites are making their way back to the ArcheAge Fresh Start server marketplace this week! Up your speed with the Red Hauler Fusion Certificate, or pick up a savings on your taxes with the 8x8 Solar Scarecrow Garden.

New Credit Items (Fresh Start Servers)
  • Solar Scarecrow Garden – 2500 Credits
  • Red Hauler Fusion Certificate – 1000 Credits
  • Mining Drill – 300 Credits
  • Majestic Tree – 300 Credits

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ArcheDelivery Packs Disappeared Several Hours Early -> Compensation!


We've just confirmed with XLGames that the ArcheDelivery pack doodads (and packs carried by adventurers) were disabled several hours earlier than intended based on the way the event was coded. I realize some of you were in the process of completing a final run to earn your Mirage Donkey, Trade Costume, or even a final shot at Carrot Dash and may now fall short due to this bug. To compensate for the issue, we'll distributing 5 ArcheDelivery Coins and 3 Gifts of Gratitude to all players who logged in between 3/7/2017 and 3/8/2017.

Please note that the NPC and coin exchanger will disappear from primary cities and Diamond Shores when the event officially concludes. However, ArcheDelivery coins can still be exchanged in Mirage Isle at the composition workbench under the "Daru Delivery" sub-category. Thanks for your understanding and we'll post when the package becomes available for claim on the Glyph account management page (ETA Fri 3/10).


Celestrata AFK IRL 4 PAX — March 8 to March 13

Heya ArcheAge Friends!

Many of you PM me or contact me every day through various means (forum PM, Twitter PM, Discord PM, Skype PM, email... etc.) or you read my posts here on the forums. Some of you get worried when I don't get back to you super quick, so I wanted to give you all the heads up that I will be away on work from March 8 to March 13. I'll be back in the office answering your queries on March 14.

The Trion Team is going to be at PAX East, and we hope to see some of you there! Make sure to drop by the booth to score a sweet PuP Plushie from Atlas Reactor, and say hi to myself and Quillodon, of course! We'll also be handing out code cards, which will net you a free in-game snail mount, the Candy-Fueled Fastropod!

Hope to see you at PAX or, if not, I'll see you when I return!


ArcheAge Creators & Community Livestream — March 3 at 1:30 PM PDT

Join Senior Community Relations Manager Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan, Community Director Linda "Brasse" Carlson, and Social Influencer Manager Scott "Mobi" Jasper on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

This week, on the eve of PAX East, we're dedicating a livestream to, well, the art of the stream and more! We're tackling community related topics like fansites, the Trion Creator Program, getting involved in the community, or even joining the industry. We'll also be highlighting some of our great ArcheAge creators, streamers, and community members, so you know who to watch!

If you have questions for the Community team, make sure to drop them by our official thread! Also, if you're a creator and you have some work you want to show off during the stream, add it to the thread too!

ArcheAge Creators & Community Livestream Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, March 3 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we'll be hosting our usual giveaway and you could win!

Name Changes are BACK!


You may have noticed that a familiar service has returned! Please welcome back Character Name Changes to the fold, joining their Character Server Transfer bretheren.

If you've been interested in changing your character's name, then don't hesitate. Get your name changed for 1,400 today by visiting the Glyph Shop and clicking on the Name Change service button.

Also, be aware that Name Changes and Character Transfers share a 30-day cooldown with one another. Once you choose one, you will be locked out of both for 30 days.

Happy name-changing!

Note to Daru: Pirates are not cannonball-proof — ArcheDelivery Event Update

Greetings Adventurers (or, in this case, "Arrrrr, ya saucy seadogs," as this goes out to the Pirate-folk amongst us),

We're happy to let you know that we've gotten in contact with the Daru Courier Guild, the masterminds behind the recent ArcheDelivery event. A few of the Pirate-folk mentioned to us that their chosen supply point below the Ezi's Lights of Diamond Shores was not so well-chosen. Apparently the Daru were under the strange belief that Pirates were immune to cannonballs being shot at their faces, citing the love of gunpowder that most Pirates demonstrate on a daily basis. The Daru are truly an odd-folk.

We've gotten the Daru to temporarily relocate their trading spots to the Crimson Watch Camp in Diamond Shores, and we encourage you seafarin' folk to visit them there to join the ArcheDelivery event.

There will be a game update in the future to permanently fix this event so the Pirate Faction can participate. But, until then, just visit the new home of the Daru Courier! (And the Daru apologize for any permanent injuries inflicted by the Pioneer Cannons.)

The ArcheAge Team

ArcheAge Lore & Cherry Blossom Festival Livestream — February 24 at 1:30 PM PDT

Join Senior Community Relations Manager Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan, Localization Editor Kendal "Quillodon" White, and Localization Producer Rebecca "Amazonia" Wise on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

Here by popular request, we have a livestream devoted to lore! Quillodon and Amazonia will be joining us this week as we discuss ArcheAge's storyline, localization, and answer any lore questions you may have. Plus, we're also going to be taking a spin around Villanelle as we tour the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival, which starts March 8!

If you have lore or translation questions for the team, make sure to drop them by this official thread! Otherwise, if you have gameplay or marketplace related questions, please visit our upcoming Faction Chat Town Hall thread with your questions.

ArcheAge Lore & Cherry Blossom Festival Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, February 24 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we'll be hosting our usual giveaway and you could win!

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ArcheAge Faction Chat Town Hall: Prophecy – Thursday, February 23, 2017

Join us in-game for a live town hall discussion in your local Prophecy faction chat on Thursday, February 23!

What is a Faction Chat Town Hall?

During Faction Chat Town Halls, members of the ArcheAge team will be participating in faction chat to answer your questions live in-game. The team will be able to hear and speak to all factions at once meaning you can participate no matter which side you’re on. These chats happen every two weeks and we’ll be rotating servers regularly so we can meet all of you in-game!

To participate in these events, simply log into ArcheAge and keep an eye on faction chat or drop by and see us physically in Mirage Isle! If you have a question for a member of the team, submit it by using /f or /faction followed by what you want to ask, or talk to us in /say in Mirage!

Who will be attending this week’s chat?
  • CM Celestrata (Nuia & Nuian Pirates) – Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan, ArcheAge Senior Community Relations Manager
  • Trion Khrolan (Haranya & Haranyan Pirates) – Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, ArcheAge Senior Producer
  • Trion Amary (Mirage Isle /say) – Amanda "Amary" Fry, ArcheAge Producer

Event Information

Title: Faction Chat Town Hall

Location: Prophecy Server, European Region

Time: 11:00 AM PDT (-7 GMT)

Duration: 30-45 Minutes

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New Season, New Fashion: Check out Amary’s Spring Collection

Winter was SO last season! Amary’s debuting a new selection of fabulous threads, so make sure you’re on the cutting edge before you’re on the cutting room floor.

This season’s collection emphasizes the bright colors and delicate finery of nature in bloom. Be the talk of the town as you expand your collection with these fashion favorites:
  • Crimson Perinoor Silks
  • Naval Service Uniform
  • Golden Dawn
  • Ebongleam Dynasty Robes
  • Abyssal Wavewyrm
  • Midnight Perinoor Cottons
  • 3 Salon Certificates
  • 100 Fireworks
Visit the Glyph Shop today and pick up this package directly! Meanwhile, in the Marketplace, both Legacy and Fresh Start servers are gaining a brand new Spring Costume Crate. Purchasable for credits, this crate features multiple great costumes and a newly improved set of drops tailored specifically for each server’s economy.

New Credit Items (Fresh & Legacy)

Spring Costume Crate – 420 Credits – The items contained in this crate are as follows:

Legacy Server:
  • Common Drops: Sunpoints or Moonpoints
  • Uncommon Drops: Superior Fire or Wave Lunarite, Fine Fire or Wave Lunarite, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Experience Boost Potions, Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Greedy Goblin Gummies, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Crest Brainstorms, Salon Certificates, Weapon or Armor Regrade Scrolls, Red Regrade Charms, Clear Synthium Shards.
  • Rare Drops: 5 Fire or 5 Wave Lunarites, Companion Crusts, Fusion Alembics, Super Weapon Temper, Super Armor Temper, Lucky Sun, Moon, or Starpoints, Superior Red Regrade Charms, Kaleidoscope Flask, Vivid Synthium Shards.
  • Very Rare Drops: Prime Weapon Tempers, Prime Armor Tempers, Vivid Refined Lunagems, Midnight Perinoor Silks, Ivory Wavewyrm Costume, Prim Service Uniform, Blossom Perinoor Cottons, Icefall Dynasty Robes, Lucid Synthium Shards, Duun’s Blessing.
  • Most Rare Drops: Lucid Gale Lunagems, Radiant Synthium Shards, Mornstones. Auroria Storage Chest.
Fresh Start Server:
  • Common Drops: Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, XP Boost Potions, Honor Boost Potions, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins, Greedy Goblin Gummies.
  • Uncommon Drops: Axle Grease, Fusion Alembics, Synthium Soaps, Crest Brainstorms, Experience Grimoire, Greedy Grimoire, Companion Crusts, Vocation Tonics, Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Yellow Regrade Charms.
  • Rare Drops: Super Weapon Tempers, Super Armor Tempers, Specialization Snowflakes, Crest Trade Pack Storage, Language Proficiency Spellbooks, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Professional Tonics, Red Regrade Charms.
  • Very Rare Drops: Prime Weapon Tempers, Prime Armor Tempers, Superior Yellow Regrade Charms, Kaleidoscope Flask, Special Pirate Plushie Trove, Midnight Perinoor Silks, Ivory Wavewyrm Costume, Prim Service Uniform, Blossom Perinoor Cottons, Icefall Dynasty Robes.
  • Most Rare Drops: Superior Red Regrade Charms
New Loyalty Items (Fresh & Legacy)
  • Wrapped Golden Undergarments – 100 Loyalty
  • Wrapped Gold Cat Undergarments – 100 Loyalty
New Gilda Star Products (Fresh & Legacy)
  • Wrapped Ruby Undergarments – 200 Gilda Stars
  • Wrapped Red Cat Undergarments – 200 Gilda Stars

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Load up, head out: New vehicle options available in the Fresh Start Marketplace!

Everyone’s favorite hauler is back, and it’s bringing some extra items along for the ride!

Been looking for a better way to lug some tradepacks across the world? Consider some of these mechanized motorhead models for your next run. The fan favorite Farm Hauler is re-entering the scene via the Wagon Upgrade Ticket, but that's not the only vehicle in the set! The Vehicle Upgrade Ticket will let you upgrade any car to a more powerful form, and the Cogwheel Motor is perfect for upgrading your longboards.

New Credit Items (Fresh Start Only)

Wagon Upgrade Ticket – Upgrade your Farm Wagon into the 6 slot Farm Hauler!

Cogwheel Motor – Strap this onto a longboard to fly across the land without having to kick the ground.

Golden Teardrop Storage Chest – This fantastic chest possesses 100 slots to store your items in!

Vehicle Upgrade Device – Use this to upgrade your existing car to the next tier. Apex Squalls become the Apex Drift, Timber Coupes become the Redwood Roadster, and Comet Speedsters become the Nova Speedster.

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