ArcheAge Hallowtide Livestream — October 20 at 1:30 PM PDT

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Join Associate Producer Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan and Production Coordinator Brian "Tinen" Kenny on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

This week, Tinen and Celestrata are tackling all of the haunts and hoots of Hallowtide! Learn what to expect from this year's event, plus get a good look at the new costumes, powerstone pet, and furniture items!

ArcheAge Hallowtide Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, October 20 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we'll be hosting our usual giveaway and you could win!

Kindled Spirit Powerstone Pet Bug

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Greetings Adventurers,

The team at XLGAMES has made us aware of a bug with the Kindled Spirit Powerstone Pet:
  • While using the "Specter Spectacular," skill, the healing increase effect will only increase the character's base bonus. It will not increase any bonuses provided by equipment.

This error will be corrected in next week's maintenance, and we apologize for the inconvenience!

Stormwraith Kirin Crate

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Feel the frigid air rushing past you on this epic new mount!

Stormwraith Kirin: 650 Loyalty
Kirin Helm: 50 Loyalty
Kirin Saddle: 60 Loyalty
Kirin Legguards: 65 Loyalty

The Stormwraith Kirin Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:
  • Common Drops:
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Crystal
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Essence
    • Green Regrade Charm
  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Blue Regrade Charm
    • Yellow Regrade Charm
  • Rare Drops:
    • Lucky Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Prime Weapon/Armor Temper
    • Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Red Regrade Charm
    • Superior Red Regrade Charm
    • Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin
  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Duun's Blessing
    • Lucid Earth Lunagem: Flexibility, Finesse, Esoteric, Celerity, Impenetrable

- The ArcheAge Team

Transfers to be opened between Evolution servers next week!

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Hello Adventurers,

It's time.

Transfers between Evolution servers will be opened up during the Weekly NA Maintenance Downtime next Wednesday for both the EU and the NA. The same usual restrictions apply. Please read the `transfer article` for more detailed information.

It will follow the normal cost for the transfer process.

At this time, transfers in/out of the FS servers will not be made available. We will update players about that process in the future.


May Your Hallowtide Be Haunted! October 24 – November 7

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Do you feel the chill coming over Erenor?

Hallowtide - October 24 - November 7
The leaves shall fall as the wind turns cold, yet here is another adventurer so bold. So cool and calm as they patrol the night, but as Hallowtide comes, you’re in for a fright! The dead shall walk and the souls need tended, for we’ll need your help to keep Erenor defended.

From Tuesday, October 24 to Wednesday, November 7, the citizens of Two Crowns and the Solis Headlands will celebrate the coming of Hallowtide! During this time, Erenor’s festival laws will be enacted, spreading peace and preventing PvP conflicts in those areas until the end of the festival.

Honor the souls of the dead in Two Crowns, or hunt for candy atop a slightly crazed snail mount in Solis Headlands each day during the event to earn this year’s Hallowtide Festival Tokens. These Tokens can be turned in at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Two Crowns or Solis Headlands for some great Halloween themed prizes. The offerings include:
  • Halloween Organ - 150 tokens
  • Black Kitten Caboodle - 35 tokens
  • Jack-o'-Snack-Bowl - 35 tokens
  • Farmer's Friend Jack-o'-Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Gleeful Goblin Jack-o'-Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Rabid Jack-o'-Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Snooty Vamp-o'-Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Wool of Bat Broomstick - 40 tokens
  • Eye of Newt Broomstick - 40 tokens
  • Toil and Trouble Hat - 40 tokens
  • Boil and Bubble Hat - 40 tokens
  • Poison'd Entrails Hat - 40 tokens
  • Dark Broomstick bag - 30 tokens (Unwrap to gain a 20, 25, or 30 minute broom to smash pumpkins!)
  • Goblin-Skin Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Crooked Goblin-Skin Lantern - 35 tokens
  • Goblin-Skin Streetlamp - 35 tokens
  • Goblin-Skin Spiked Gate - 35 tokens
  • Goblin-Skin Spiked Fence - 35 tokens
  • Narrow Goblin-Skin Spiked Fence - 35 tokens
  • Massive Jack-o'-Hattern Plushie - 35 tokens
  • Adventurer's Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy - 5 tokens
Keep an eye out for the new achievements associated with this event, as they provide a way to earn a sweet mount!

There are special times for the Two Crowns portion. The Soulstone, candies, and jack o` lantersn appear in the Two Crowns Arena at:
EU - 2 PM, 6 PM, 10 PM, and 2 AM UTC.
NA - 12 PM, 4 PM, 8 PM, and 12 AM PDT.

Be prepared to win a competitive race to fill a jack-o’-lantern with candy! After the candy toss is over, beware of demons! The Solis Headlands portion is available throughout the event.

Smashing Pumpkins - October 24 - November 7
Trick-or-Treat your way over to Mirage Isle and talk to the Masked Daru to get a broom and start smashing those pumpkins sprouting up everywhere!
  • Common
    • Bound Hereafter Stone
    • Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel
    • Gilda Star
    • Merit Badge
    • Warrior's Medal
    • Bound Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
    • Adventurer's XP Boost Potion
    • Bound Vivid Synthium Shard

  • Uncommon
    • Worker's Inspiration
    • Secret Gift
    • Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 10
    • Honorable Victory Rank 10
    • Companion's Growthstone
    • Adventurer's Growthstone
    • Bound Weapon/Armor/Accessory Regrade Scroll
    • Abyssal Crystal
    • Abyssal Shard
    • Bound Lucid Synthium Shard

  • Rare
    • Transmuter
    • Celestial Weapon/Armor/Accessory Anchoring Shard
    • Bound Duun's Shard
    • Divine Weapon/Armor/Accessory Anchoring Shard
    • Bound Radiant Synthium Shard
    • Proven Warrior's Armor Crystal: Unique
    • Bound Resplendent Weapon/Armor/Accessory Regrade Scroll
    • Cloaked Dungeon Weapon: Unique

  • Very Rare
    • Celestial Weapon/Armor/Accessory Anchoring Emblem
    • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
    • Bound Duun's Blessing
    • Divine Weapon/Armor/Accessory Anchoring Emblem

  • Super Rare
    • Lucky Ipnya Scroll
    • Ipnysh Starlight/Moonlight/Sunlight Blessing
    • Full Kit: Aspen Treehouse

Get In The Hallowtide Spirit!
    • Embalmed Greenman - 300 Loyalty
  • Pumpkin Charmer costume - 1625 Credits
  • Prisoner's Pride - 1625 Credits
  • Tomb-Bound Wraps - 1925 Credits
  • Bloodmaw Eveningwear - 350 Loyalty
  • Stormduster 1000 - 625 Loyalty
  • Spooky Anywhere Warehouse - 1900 Credits
  • Gilt Deathchill Coffin - 2500 Credits
  • Gilt Blackwood Coffin - 2500 Credits

  • Bewitching Pumpkin Lantern - 200 Credits
  • Wooden Pumpkin Lantern - 200 Credits
  • Pumpkin Lantern - 200 Credits
  • Crooked Pumpkin Lantern - 200 Credits
  • Pumpkin Streetlamp - 200 Credits
  • Pumpkin Spiked Gate - 200 Credits
  • Pumpkin Spiked Fence - 200 Credits
  • Narrow Pumpkin Spiked Fence - 200 Credits
  • Ancient Tombstone - 250 Credits
  • Hallowtide Tombstone - 250 Credits
  • Spooky Streetlight - 200 Credits
  • Hallowtide Feast Table - 200 Credits
  • Tricked Treat Balloons - 150 Credits
  • Spirit-Mimic Balloons - 50 Credits
  • Haunted Rickety Picket Fence - 45 Credits
  • Rickety Picket Fence - 25 Credits
  • Autumnal Wreath - 100 Credits
  • Fallen Leaves - 100 Credits
  • Jack-o'-Snack-Bowl - 100 Credits
  • Farmer's Friend Jack-o'-Lantern - 100 Credits
  • Gleeful Goblin Jack-o'-Lantern - 100 Credits
  • Rabid Jack-o'-Lantern - 100 Credits
  • Snooty Vamp-o'-Lantern - 100 Credits

  • Fae Yata/Greenman
    • Greenman Dance - 200 Loyalty
    • Yatarena - 1200 Credits

  • Milkmaid/Dairy Farmer
    • Let Loose - 200 Loyalty
    • All Out - 1200 Credits

  • Franken-Yata/Greenman
    • Tipsy - 200 Loyalty
    • Robot - 1200 Credits

Powerstone Pets
Everyone familiar with the Violet Bloomfang knows that it's not an ordinary battle pet. It can't be targeted and equips a very specific type of helm - now known as a Powerstone. And so, we've decided to name this new pet class Powerstone Pets! In the honor of Hallowtide, a new Powerstone Pet has manifested.
  • Kindled Spirit & Kindled Spirit Powerstone - 1900 Credits
  • Kindled Spirit Powerstone - 300 Loyalty (These may be equipped to other Powerstone Pets, such as the Violet Bloomfang. Likewise, the Bloomfang Helm may be equipped to the Kindled Spirit)

Along with the Stormwraith Kirin Crate we'll also be introducing the Hallowtide event crate!

The Candy Collector's Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:
  • Common Drops:
    • Superior Lunarite: Fire, Wave
    • Fine Lunarite: Fire, Wave

  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Clear Synthium Shard
    • Vivid Synthium Shard

  • Rare Drops:
    • Lucid Synthium Shard
    • Radiant Synthium Shard
    • Majestic Tree
    • Mining Drill
    • Tax Certificate
    • Expansion Scroll
    • Eco-Friendly Fuel
    • Shatigon's Sand
    • Specialization Snowflake
    • Salon Certificate
    • Gender Swap Certificate
    • Companion Crust
    • Crest Trade pack Storage
    • language Proficiency Spellbook
    • Crest Brainstorm
    • Professional Tonic
    • Lucky Sunpoint/Moonpoint/Starpoint
    • Lucid Wave Lunagem: Defense, Magic Defense
    • Special Pirate Plushie Trove
    • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
    • Franken-Yata Costume

  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Aurora Storage Chest
    • Mornstone
    • Indomitable Lunafrost: Hostility, Transcendent, Tracker, Love
    • Distorted Lunafrost: Hostility, Transcendent, Tracker, Love
    • Lucid Gale Lunagem: Wrath, Harbinger, Constance, Benevolence, Mercy, Fury, Destruction, Serenity

An Unexpected Adventure Begins! October 18 - November 1
You're not ready for this... and that's what makes it so exciting!

Start: Wednesday, October 18th
End: Wednesday, November 1st

This dangerous, multi-part trade pack delivery quest starts in Diamond Shores, sends you down through the pirate encampment of Growlgate, then over to Freedich, and back to your home continent. For your troubles - and there will be troubles - you'll be granted either Bound Regrade Scrolls or 4000 Vocation! This event will not include any festival zones, so be prepared to defend your parcel from those looking to coat their blades in your blood. Only the most cautious will survive to see their bounty.

Safe travels... if you're strong enough!

- The ArcheAge Team

Stormwraith Kirin removed from Marketplace for bug fix. Details In Here!

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Hey all,

Upon finding that the Stormwraith Kirin had an unintended 11.5 movespeed instead of the standard 10.0, we decided to remove the Stormwraith Kirin Crate and Loyalty version from the Marketplace. We will be getting this fixed and putting it back up at that point.

For those that did already get one with Loyalty, from a crate, or on the AH, you will keep it, and we will update the movespeed with a new build from XL. If it is on the AH, the auction will proceed as normal.

We'll update you about our progress as we get new information.

UPDATE: We will be pro-actively refunding credits and loyalty to players who purchased the Stormwraith Kirin Supply Crate.

Update: If you bought a Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin on the AH, you will keep the mount and be refunded the gold. If you were the player that sold the Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin, you will keep the gold from the sale. This will only occur for those purchases made before this update.

- The Archeage Team

10/13 – Extra Life Livestream + Q&A

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October 13th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)

Community Manager - Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno
Associate Producer - Sera "Celestrata" Brennan
Localization - Sophie "Socke" Pickens

Hey Adventurers,

Today we stream for the kids! But first we'll be answering some questions you've asked in the post I left from the previously cancelled livestream.

If you're unfamiliar with Extra Life and how Trion participates, check out this article:

Keep in mind that we may not have all the information available to answer certain questions (like reasons for balance), and some questions may have answers that we aren't ready to reveal quite yet.

If you happen to ask a question that isn't answered on stream, please take it to the forum! Be sure to search for your topic first, as the discussion may have already been started.

1 Archeum Pack
5 (50 Loyalty)
5 (10 3rd Anniversary Coins)
3 Stormwraith Kirin mounts

See you there, adventurers.

Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, October 13th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Extra Life 2017 Rewards & Schedule – Prepare for October 13th!

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Trion Gamers,

Save the date! Our 7th annual Extra Life event begins on October 13th at 11:30am PT, where we'll be streaming for a full 24 hours at our regular home on Twitch:!

Help us help sick kids by joining Team Trion TODAY. By joining up, any money you raise goes towards your chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital. Friends and family can sponsor your day of marathon gaming for an amazing cause.

As an added bonus for your hard work and good deeds, go to our Extra Life page to see the list of rewards you can earn for fundraising, also featured below!

The Schedule
Want to know when to tune in for what? Check out our schedule below for the full 24-hour rundown!

Wait...There's More!
Of course, that's not all! We've got Corgi rifts running in RIFT and a new title "The Generous" for playing for 24 hours! Devilian has a special Halo up for grabs for playing for 24 hours, too.

Our very own Kumar "Atronos" Daryani will be streaming Trove Creations work in one of the Trove blocks, accepting donations in exchange for YOUR item being made!

We've got even more waiting for you, so we hope to see you on October 13th, ready to play and make a difference!

The Trion Extra Lifers

FS Server AH Merges with Legacy Server AH

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Hello Adventurers,

During this week's downtime for Server Maintenance we'll be merging the Fresh Start server Auction Houses with the Legacy server Auction Houses.

Legacy server AH listings will be unaffected.

Fresh Start server AH listings will be expired during the maintenance.
  • NA Fresh Start servers: Reckoning, Vengeance
  • EU Fresh Start server: Prophecy

Canceled items on Fresh Start server Auction Houses will be handled as follows:
  • If there haven't been any bids placed, the items will be returned to the owner. The posting fees will be refunded through a manual grant. This won't be immediate. It may take up to 3 days.
  • If there have been bids placed, the highest bidders will win the item.

The Fresh Start servers will also have a Marketplace update. We'll be allowing Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings to be purchased for 35 Loyalty or 60 Merit Badges.

As we slowly bring Fresh Start servers into line with Legacy, we'll keep everyone updated on the forums.

- The Archeage Team

Marketplace Update: Verifying Milkmaid Crate with XL, Faelight Wings Crate back up

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Hello Adventurers,

We've temporarily swapped the store back to the Faelight Wings Crate while we verify the contents of the Milkmaid Crate with XLGAMES - Stay Tuned.

We want to be 100% sure that we're being accurate here, and we'll update you as soon as we know more. This week begins the Korean holiday of Chuseok, so a response may be delayed. In the meanwhile, we wanted to make sure you had an option that we were certain on.

- The Archeage Team