[CM] Chemy – Introduction

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Hello there,

I am happy to present you one of your new Community Managers; me. (Surprise.) My native language is German, but for about 2 years now I have been dedicated to Community Management in German and English.

ArcheAge has already taken part of my life a few years ago as a private player and therefore I am happy to work for this game now. Nevertheless, it has slipped under my radar a bit during this time and I am now allowed to check out everything again or better said; "YIPPIEH I AM ALLOWED TO PLAY", therefore, I ask for your understanding, if I am unable to answer all of your game-related questions at the beginning. However, I will always do my best to find out the answer as soon as possible and let you know the result.

Well, the standard chat is done. Now to myself;

I am in my last year of my apprenticeship and since I was 8 years old I played all kinds of online games. Among them are heaps of MMO's, MOBA's and shooters.

You will notice that I am always there for you when you need something. I like to take some extra time to listen to your problems and hopefully find a solution. A relaxed relationship with you is important to me, I want to get to know you and you should have the opportunity to get to know me.

Important information: I am the "sledgehammer" of our team. This may sound a bit more serious than I wanted to, but it expresses my personality very well.
As long as you're honest with me, we’ll get along well together. Have you screwed up? Tell me and stand by it. If you don't tell me and I find it out myself?...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let's just say that doesn't end so well.

I'm hard, but fair - and I'm enthusiastic about all nonsense.

Introduction event;

Since I don't know the game enough to offer you a suitable "get to know you event" in the game, I thought we'd start something that you’ve certainly never had before.
As I said before; I want to get to know you and that includes your vocabulary. ;)

Among other things, I think you've accumulated a lot of anger and frustration lately, many things have happened, and you've been left in the dark for far too long.

I want to give you the opportunity to really take this out on me, so that we can work together in peace afterwards.

So about the event: On this discord server (<-- click me) you may throw your worst insults on my head, which you have in Petto. So really the worst of the worst. Puking your guts out, making me responsible for everything that's happened. Everything is my fault - put your frustration into words.

The text that has the harshest criticism and makes me think "hey, keep calm buddy" - is the winner and may publicly call themself "King / Queen of Insults".

There is only one rule: Your text must be directed against me and no one else.

Clarification: The Discord Server itself will be deleted after 7 days, so it only exists for this event. It is not a Discord Server for support requests or any other communication.

That's all.

I'm looking forward to it,

Meet the new Community team!

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First of all, we would like to apologize for the silence lately, there were a few things we needed to figure out before jumping into the conversation. Thank you all so much for your patience!
Of course, we know that you all have concerns and many questions. We have been silent, but we have been doing a lot of reading during this transition. Let’s start with responses for a couple of your biggest questions and concerns.

What will the future look like for the games?

We saw many questions asking about the future of these games. Those questions are largely about new content, fixes to existing bugs, and the changes to the Trion staff members. For sure we kept the necessary resources to ensure that there is movement within and around the games.
Generally speaking, we can tell you that the patch schedule is likely to shift somewhat, but we will make sure that all of you can enjoy new content on a regular basis. Also, the developers will continue providing you with updates through Producer letters, so all of you will have a little look behind the scenes as well.

Patron Status & Creator Programs

Patron Status will stay in place and we do not intend to shut it down. However, we are putting the Creator Program on hold for the time being. Effectively managing a program of that size was a huge task and we want to be sure that if we launch the program again down the road it will be a great experience for everyone. Therefore, we will revisit this in the weeks ahead and keep all of you updated on our progress. Thank you for your understanding.

New languages available soon to support you!

Something we’re thrilled to announce is that in the coming weeks we are going to implement German and French Customer Support and Community Management. You can contact all of us in English, of course, but we believe that giving you the possibility to express yourselves in your native language is always better. On the same note, we do not rule out adding additional languages down the road.

Some more surprises are coming, but we don’t want to spoil those quite yet! We still want to give you a small hint: communication, support and entertainment are our three main concerns and you can count on some changes and improvements in this direction.

We are all gamers and we understand how important transparency and open-mindedness are, so please feel free to raise your concerns and suggestions, we will do our best to make this community stronger than ever!

Long story short: we are happy to be here and if you have any question, feel free to post them as a comment to this thread. Each Community Manager is going to introduce himself/herself on Monday personally.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Your ArcheAge Community Team

ArcheAge Team Letter

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We apologize for the drastically reduced posting of our blogs and on our forums over the last two weeks. We needed to be certain that we have a clear path forward and had to resist the temptation of posting half-formed information. We’re at a better spot now and have answers to share with you.

You’ve probably read the Message from Jake Song and know that stabilizing the live service is our immediate focus. The team continues to transfer all previous game functions provided by Trion Worlds to the Gamigo infrastructure. The core ArcheAge production team remains in place under Gamigo including Khrolan, Socke, Applegod, Tinen, and even Clownie.

The Relics of Hiram, 5.0 Update will be delivered to the Public Test Server today, November 2nd, and will be available for play at 4pm PDT. It’ll remain on PTS for 11 days, becoming available for live servers on November 13th, 2018, updating first in Europe and then in North America. Patch notes will be posted on the PTS forums when the 5.0 build is initially accessible. Regretfully, the Halloween event some players were looking forward to was part of the pre-5.0 build and that means it won’t be available for play this year.

We know there are concerns about customer support tickets that were opened during the last two weeks. Knowledge is being transferred to the new Customer Service team and we will begin providing 1:1 support as soon as we can. The Community Management team at Gamigo will be joining us on the forums and our new English, French, and German speaking moderators will introduce themselves!

The team is planning to deliver a new variation of the Homecoming Warrior Package to all accounts at the release of the 5.0 update. The other 3 compensation packages intended to be delivered as a result of the recent Legacy Server Evolutions will also be granted after the update occurs on November 13th. A full list of contents for each pack can be found in the PTS update notes.

We know the last couple weeks haven’t been easy but we’re hopeful that we can put a new foot forward, starting with the release of Relics of Hiram content. Thanks for reading.

-The ArcheAge Team
Gamigo and XLGAMES

Message from Jake Song

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Posted on behalf of Jake Song at XLGAMES:

Hello all,

I was shocked by the news about Trion Worlds. I am sure you guys are, too. It is a pity how things unfolded so suddenly.

We are talking to Gamigo. My understanding is that the paperwork is almost done and I believe the ArcheAge team will provide you with an announcement with the new release date for 5.0 very soon.

We will do our best to stabilize the game service and launch the 5.0 Update as quickly as possible.

I am glad you enjoy playing ArcheAge. I hope you know that your in-game entertainment is the most important to me. As time passed, the core element of fun in the game has diminished and even though some players have moved on, I am trying my best to revitalize ArcheAge.

We have been making small and big changes to the game more frequently, and with this momentum I have faith that by sometime next year we will fundamentally restore ArcheAge to the way I pictured it in the past.


Jake Song

ArcheAge Team Service Announcement – Oct 25, 2018

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Here’s some info about what’s been going on the last few days:

In-person meetings are taking place between all administrative parties; transactions of this nature are a lengthy process--and are complicated by the distance--but we continue to move forward. We’re working to reach agreement between all groups by early next week. Identifying a new release date for the 5.0 Relics of Hiram update will be our immediate next priority.

We regret that we aren't able to provide more frequent updates. This is due to us wanting to communicate concrete information instead of addressing speculation while mid-negotiations.

We’re also aware of the intermittent server availability issues and the operations teams are working to address them.

Thanks for reading,

-The ArcheAge Team

Double Everything Event – Oct. 25 – 29

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This weekend we're doing a Double Everything Event on all ArcheAge Legacy and Fresh Start servers.

Get double drop rates, experience, Vocation, and Honor Points between Thursday, October 25th at 8:00am PDT and Monday, October 29th at 8:00am PDT.

Announcement from XLGAMES

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Posted on behalf of XLGAMES:

Dear ArcheAge players,

You may be aware that there has been a business transaction involving Trion Worlds. XLGAMES is currently resolving issues to ensure that there is no harm done to the users since our ArcheAge fans are of the utmost importance to us.

XLGAMES will do its best to settle any matters with the involved parties in a speedy manner. The release date of the Relics of Hiram 5.0 Update will be decided and notified to you soon.

Thank you for your support.


Auction House Unlocks Imminent – North America and Europe (5:00pm PDT)

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Due to the 5.0 release being postponed all auction houses are being unlocked for use. Please note that we'll need to re-lock the auction house for 48 hours prior to the 5.0 release and will communicate about it when the date is established.


5.0 Relics of Hiram – Release Delayed

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Reposted-ish from the other thread:


The Relics of Hiram 5.0 update is currently postponed from its original release date in North America and Europe. We're currently in the process of re-targeting a new date and apologize for the last minute notice. Some of you may already be aware that this is due to the recent business transaction between Trion Worlds and Gamigo Group.

Our current focus is to ensure live servers remain available for play. Thanks for your support.