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Hello again fellow ArcheAge players!

As you already know, every month i will have giveaway events on the website. 

I have 20 more giveaway codes for you! 10 Enhanced Skywhisper Glider and 10 Oathbound Plate (as usual :D).

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and i will randomly select (using a RNG select tool) 20 winners on November 23th

First 10 winners will receive 1 glider each and the next 10 winners will receive 1 costume each.

P.S.: Please use a valid email when you post the comment, else i can’t send you the code if you win! (email will not be visible to anyone)

!!! This event is destined for both NA and EU regions.
!!! DO NOT USE MULTIPLE COMMENTS from the same email/ip! You only be allowed to participate with the first comment from the same email/ip.



Congratulations to the winners:

First 10 people won one Enhanced Skywhisper Glider each:

1. Schwarzmond
2. Auktagon
3. Jack
4. Fistandalus
5. Rodrigo Meirelles
6. James the dark one
7. Graxorina
8. Dario Zac
9. Grea
10. mekill

Last 10 people won one Oathbound Plate each.

12. candy
13. Crutheo
14. Samara de Lima Lopes
15. Deezli
16. PLUR
17. Kopco
18. derAdler
19. Summer
20. aruru

Giveaway codes will be sent to your emails.

Please note that these codes will expire after December 1st.

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  1. Dario Zac

    Hi 😀

  2. danny

    hope i win!

  3. Flo

    I hope win glider,

  4. Chadwick

    Good luck

  5. Allyanni

    Hoping for a glider…

  6. Anıl

    i hope for a glider 🙂

  7. Grea

    glider glider glider 🙂

  8. GuiPaiva

    Hoping for that glider, but that armor looks really cool 😀

  9. Rngiswin


  10. Uirito

    Sure would love that armor.

  11. LIN