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Hello ArcheAge players!

I have 15 giveaway codes for you! 15 Squirrel Glider

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and i will randomly select (using a RNG select tool) 15 winners on September 17th

P.S.: Please use a valid email when you post the comment, else i can’t send you the code if you win! (email will not be visible to anyone)

Codes will work on both Fresh Start and Legacy servers!

!!! This event is destined for both NA and EU regions.
!!! DO NOT USE MULTIPLE COMMENTS from the same email/ip! You only be allowed to participate with the first comment from the same email/ip.



Congratulations to the winners:

15 people won one Squirrel Glider each:

1. Jorja
2. samos
3. Abkanis
4. Amanda
5. Kraka
6. Vitor
7. Ju4ncho
8. Facu
9. krekedon
11. Redz
12. Insta
13. Guest
14. Mark
15. Bassel

Giveaway codes will be sent to your emails.

Please note that these codes will expire October 31, 2017.

  Comments: 163

  1. Zenais

    Sooooo very would <3 to have this!!! 🙂

  2. Crank

    Good Luck at all

  3. Belgemine

    I hope I get it

  4. Facu

    Good Luck

  5. Dezer


  6. Turtles

    *Waits in Anticipation*

  7. Jinbei

    I want xD

  8. Wolfess

    Pleease oh please i need a better glider

  9. Gabrielle

    Need better glider so bad

  10. Junior

    So pretty cuteeee! I need one of this precious…

  11. Jack

    Could be pretty awesome to have this ingame

  12. sinanKarlitepe

    thnx for glider

  13. Kvasir

    Would love a good glider like this!