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Hello again ArcheAge players!

I have 3 giveaway codes for you! 3 Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume.

All you have to do is follow ArcheAge Tools on Facebook or Twitter and i will randomly select (using a RNG select tool) 3 winners on December 18th

Also, be sure to keep an eye on Facebook or Twitter pages to see when a new giveaway is made or other ArcheAge related updates.
Thank you to be a part of this community.



Congratulations to the winners:

First 3 people won one Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume each:

1. Domenico Verde (from Facebook)
2. Oli Sushi (from Twitter)
3. Ayesha Mozammel (from Facebook)

I will contact you on PM to give your codes.

Please note that these codes will expire after December 31st.

  Comments: 27

  1. Svanhvit

    please one chance so I can win something good 🙂

  2. Xaalz

    done <3

  3. Eos

    Yeah a new Giveaway !

  4. fl


  5. Lucas


  6. Cher Vang

    Good luck!!


    Please, I want one!!

  8. Victoria

    How will you be keeping track of the followers that want to enter this giveaway? Or does it extend to everyone regardless?

    • Ionnu

      i have tools that track everyone who follow Facebook or Twitter pages. No worries 🙂

  9. michael

    Me please

  10. playa

    not sure if enter here or other post so …yeah! praise rngesus

  11. Nissu

    Followed on Twitter, really want costume. <3

  12. Naieth

    Great costume!!!

  13. tantowijaya323

    Good Luck

  14. Johnkenz911

    Great costume I want one followed on facebook. < only using facebook 😀

  15. Jiub

    Good Luck guys 😀

  16. RobR

    Followed on Twitter. Great giveaway.

  17. Claire

    pls bless me oh rngesus /o/ followed

  18. Lakya

    merci et joyeux noel

  19. Breaker

    D; lemme has plz <3

  20. Smoothie

    hello..i need one <333 i love it..

  21. yolo123

    hello …hope to get one <3

  22. nickb

    very nice never had a costume on my toon yet

  23. Saiya

    Gimme gimme :*3

  24. Kevin viray

    Nice giveaway 😀 followed on fb :p

  25. Amy

    Hope I’m still on time :3