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Hey guys! What’s Shakin’? Lets get down to the dirty stuff!

West – Disaster came back purple and angry! First stop they hit was West CR purpling and killing west pug raid to establish their dominance. Although a little birdy told me they are not nearly what they once were. A couple sources within the guild have leaked that the old leadership of this once great guild have poofed! Lots of whining and bad pvp according to my sources. Disaster members have attempted to fool the west claiming they have no interest in attacking anyone that is not gank bus on the west and they are here to pvp. Last known location before FEMA nation was formed was swimming their DGS packs stealth to solzreed and caring them safely to Two Crowns for turn in. Interesting route. Im sure they are just enjoying fellow Nuian artist Heinrichos trees and the rest of the scenery. Its a good thing they had a peace scroll on since transfer otherwise those silly Gank Bus members would have attempted a dominion to try to claim those 100g packs for their own.

East – I need news… No idea what the hell is going on over there. A few left to join FEMA Nation.

Pirates – …… Temporarly on vacation

FEMA – It has come to my attention that several people are lost on the name. Allow me to inform you of its orgin. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security which specializes in Disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, education, and references. They are comprised of Pirates, East and Gank Bus with the intention of saving the server from a disasterous force which intends to cause serious harm to the weather in all nations. It is told to include winds that freeze and metiors that burn with the occasional toxic gas. They asked me to include a special weather statment in this segment of the news: Please understand that once in a while while cleaning up a disaster there are injuries to the public. It is important that the public avoid all areas of the storm to not incur any collateral damage. Remember kids, FEMA cares. Any complaints can be mailed in game to Kraekrae.

Sieges –
Not Bias – umm what happened Gimpo?
Not Today – Taken by <Try Tomorow>
Gank Bus – Marcala taken by <Disaster> Heedmar still belongs to <Gank bus>
Lazy Gamers – Taken by <Lazy Nation>
Peacekeepers – No combat, castle safe
Disaster – Paid mercinaries to help fight FEMA in the siege.

SORCERER’S NEW GAME?!?! – Whaaaat??? Yeah. Many of you may remember Sorcerer the GM of The White Order. He had the Mythic Club, totally loaded, everybody hated him. yeah that guy. He has a new game that he is developing very soon! The Name is Ashes of Creation. You can check it out here. It looks beautiful. I know as an open world sandbox fan Im going to be checking it out. The NPC’s level up. The Game includes Sieges, crafting, pve, pvp, and trade. Register for Pre-Alpha here to get updates on new content and previews http://intrepidstudios.ref-r.com/c/i/11916/4494328

3.0 Fresh Start Who’s going? What side? Sorry to see you go… See you back in a month or so…

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Kyrios Karaoke Friday December 2nd

Karaoke – Presented by Archeagetools.com

Everyone is welcome to come. You don’t even have to be on Kyrios to show up! This weeks special guests will be… the infamous streamer we all love Kooncoon!!! Its true! he has been kicked from Twitch for dancing naked on stream and will be starting on New NA fresh start servers!

When: Friday, December 2nd
Time: 8pm PST (4 hours after reset)
Where: ts.archeagetools.com
What to bring: Booze… Lots of it!

Kyrios Karaoke Night! Saturday November 19th @ 9PST


#KyriosBiasNews Karaoke

Kyrios Karaoke sponsored by archeagetools.com is coming this weekend!

Everyone is welcome to come. You don’t even have to be on Kyrios to show up! This weeks special guests will be… PIRATES (maybe) Yo Ho! Grab Ye Rum and something something rhymes with fun!

When: Saturday, November 19th
Time: 9pm PST (4 hours after reset)
Where: ts.archeagetools.com
What to bring: Booze… Lots of it!

#KyriosNews Karaoke November 5th!

#KyriosNews Karaoke

Kyrios Karaoke sponsored by archetools.com is coming next weekend!

I know… I will get to the news soon… I have been very busy but I will have an email address setup next week so users can send anonymous tips and information.

Everyone is welcome to come. You don’t even have to be on Kyrios to show up! The last few karaokes have had a great success. You wouldn’t believe how many talented singers we have found!

When: Saturday, November 5th
Time: 8pm PST
Where: ts.archeagetools.com
What to bring: Booze… Lots of it!

#KyriosNews Karaoke TONIGHT

#KyriosNews Karaoke tonight at 9pm PST!

ts.archeagetools.com (no password)

Doing things a little different this time. Sign up for an account with Dubtrack. Dont use your facebook or we will all know your real name. All email addresses are hidden and I have no access to them.

https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/gank-bus   Password: Kyrios



#KyriosNews Biased Edition 2.0


New Castles-
Congrats to <Lazy Gamers> and <Peacekeepers> on their new castles! Don’t forget to purify the land and send all lord coins to #KyriosNews for biased news content. Should be interesting to see who gets the Exo and Sungold castles. Rumor has it a few packs were made on sunday. Good luck!

Edit: Nevermind- Khrolan has made a post calling castle claims off for the reset.
“NOTE: At the release of the September Update all existing Purifying Archeum Packs have been deconstructed and their materials have been sent to their current owner. This include packs on the backs of logged out characters camped near a potentially unclaimed archeum lodestone; those placed in storage silos or other containers, on the ground, or hidden somewhere special. The workbench will spawn again next Sunday and the claiming process will proceed as intended from that point onward.”

Pink Day –
Join Kyrios for Pink Day! October 8th an in game charity event will be hosted by Anamelia to support The Canadian Cancer Society. Cancer sucks so support them and win free stuff in Mirage.

Pirates –
Shocking video evidence of a certain Enoan performing an “unfair advantage” and melting another Enoan has been submitted to the #KyriosNews tip line. (Don’t forget to send your tips to tracyfacey)

East –
Rumors circulating that Biggyluv (Sugardaddy) and other East Oceanics transferring off the server as soon as he sells all of his land. Tip source says they are transferring to Morpheus to join <Pantsu> and fight <Disaster> That info is like weeks old though so who knows. People don’t send tips

West –
2 new West Castles (see above.) <Gank Bus> has been spotted purpling on Kittens. Think he is really quitting this time. Sad face. Bad Lola! Boring lame potatoing to be had across all of Nuia.

DGS and other content –
OMG so boring… Please contest… Thanks

Potato of the week –
Tizzie! Nominated by Avaron for cuddling Gryphons and giving them tummy rubs… Weird, but I will send you your prize that Trion Creator Program so graciously gave me because they don’t think KyriosNews has a large enough fanbase. You sir have won a closed beta code thingy for Atlas Reactor! Let us know if its any good.

#KyriosNews is STILL hiring a DJ for Karaoke night. Must have RP skillz at 180k or above. Send mail to Tracyfacey for more info!

Next Week on #KyriosNews: Houseception (still cause I’m lazy) and interviews with new castle owners! Stay tuned for More!

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