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Greetings Adventurers!

We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone in the community that planting anything on land outside of space you own or public farms can lead to other players removing your planted items. This is part of the risk of planting trees, herbs, flowers, or anything else in land that is unprotected. While you may be able to plant much more on public land, you run the risk of having your valued items stolen by another player.

Having items taken in this way is intended within ArcheAge, and is part of the game. If you have had something taken by another player while it was on public land, please do not contact our Customer Service department, as they will be unable to help you.

Instead, you can mark the other player as a thief within the game's mechanics. Theft in the game can be marked with red footprints around the scene of the crime if the person was spotted while they cut down your tree or took your item. You can interact with those footprints to add crime points to the other player, eventually landing them in one of ArcheAge's in-game trials.

Remember, Adventurers: For every choice, a consequence.

The ArcheAge Team

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