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Good afternoon Adventurers!

With Revelation coming this weekend, we need to review the rules we have surrounding blocking in-game items.

Blocking items with the intent to deny other players access to them in any way, be it an in-game interactable item, an NPC, a road, and others is against the rules of ArcheAge. Items, paths, NPCs, and more need to remain open and accessible for the enjoyment of others.

If you see players doing this, you can report their behavior to us at and we will investigate the matter and take action if necessary. This may include punishments against your account or, if this is done on an alt account, punishments against your main character.

Beyond just our policy, players have made us aware of some concerns around specific quests in the Dwarf and Warborn main storylines. During the launch of Revelation this weekend, our GM staff will be in those areas keeping an eye on those specific items to ensure players do not block them for others. If they do, they will be teleported away so others may use them.

For the Dwarven quest "Plots and Politics," we will also be temporarily adding more beds in the specific quest area to ensure players can use them. Beds will be placed inside of the house and around it in open area, so you can use one of the open beds to progress your quest. Again, if a player or group of players attempts to block this area, they will be moved by our GM staff. If they continue to do it, their characters may receive a punishment.

Remember to play fair this weekend, and have a great time during the launch of Revelation!

The ArcheAge Team

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