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Hello Adventurers,

Some of the Trion Archeage Team will be at Gamescom this week!

Joe "Muzzy"
Merv "Khrolan"
Amanda "Amary"
Sophie "Socke"

Don't worry, you haven't been left entirely alone. You'll be kept company by Sera "Celestrata", Brian "Tinen", and the rest of your favorite GMs.

We'll be gone from Saturday August 19th through Sunday August 27th.

Any messages sent to the members of the team that are going to be out of the office have a chance of going unread for the duration of their trip, so please have patience, and we will try to get to them when we have some downtime.

For those of you who may be at Gamescom, we hope to see you at the Trion party! If you didn't sign up in time, there's no harm in signing up now and being on the wait list. Also, Muzzy has said he's looking forward to meeting as many AA players as are available and can contact him on Discord (TheBlueMuzzy#1068), and he'll see if he can organize other smaller meetups in the evenings.

- The Archeage Team

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