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Good evening everyone,

It’s 10:10 PM here in Austin, and the Trion and XL teams just got done with dinner. We sat down over some Chinese in the training room and talked about a variety of things – Texas’s love of guns, how great Korean food is, and how not enough people eat their dessert. But, after the fun conversation was done, we turned our attention to the work we’re about to perform this evening to make sure everyone gets their items back and tomorrow’s housing release is smooth.

Right now, our #1 priority is making sure that those of you in Europe who may not have received all of your items get those items back. As we said before, we’ve backed up all of the servers and our Evolution steps multiple times. We have logs of all of the items that were removed and where all of the items should go. You absolutely will get your items back into your mail. That isn’t just a promise, it’s a certainty.

The goal of our joint team right now is to make sure those items are back in your inbox this evening. Our deadline is before tomorrow’s housing release at 2 PM UTC. Ideally, we want your items to be back 2 hours before we release housing. Should this not be the case, we will adjust the time to make sure you can get your items and get in position.

BigDataDude and the XL merge team here in Austin are currently working on a database script that will handle this major item grant, pulling out the items that weren’t sent from our old backups and getting them appropriately assigned to your new home on Tempest and Retribution. There is an amazing amount of technical expertise in this crew, and some of today’s conversations have proven that this will not be easy. (The greatest challenge is how one grants back something on a character that was on a mount or vehicle, in a chest, in a house. The storage for such an item is multiple layers deep in database logic in order to keep ownership permissions straight. Now take that chain of logic and attempt to make sure you’re handing it back to the right owner, except that owner has changed their name and moved to a different state. It’s like handing back a bag, within a bag, within a bag to a complete stranger via ground shipping. But, they’re going to be able to do it.)

Our goal is ambitious, of course, and it will require the team to be up again all evening to make sure we can get it done. But we want to get this done well before any houses even come close to hitting the field. That is the way we need to handle this. But, in case we cannot get back all of your items by tomorrow, we will at least get you back your houses/full kits. As long as we can do that, we can move ahead with our construction plans.

So that brings us to our plans for tomorrow’s housing release. For those of you in North America, our plans are unaffected. Your construction will begin as scheduled at 12 PM PDT (2 PM CDT / 19:00 UTC), so make sure to get your items ready and get in place if you have not done so yet.

For those of you in Europe, your schedule may change depending on the progress of our work. At best, we will get this done early enough this evening that our schedule will be unaffected, and your houses will hit the field at 2 PM UTC (14:00 UTC). At worst, we may delay your housing up to 5 hours to 7 PM UTC (19:00 UTC). Should that be the case, we’ll let you know as early as we can.

Beyond our plans, we know there are a few other bugs that have popped up. The team has been able to fix some of those issues very quickly, such as missing bonus patron time, sovereigns not being able to log into Evolution servers, player nations having numbers at the end of their names and the transfer & rename service not working correctly at first.

But, there are also issues we’re still working on such as not being able to move after being kicked by the AFK timer, your average guild gearscore dropping whenever a new member is added, and disappearing UCCs on Eanna. Our team is currently focused on making sure items are appropriately returned to their owners (as it has to be the highest priority right now), but we will turn our attention to these other bugs after our initial work is done. They are not forgotten.

Again, everyone, thank you for your patience and for cheering us on during this process. We really appreciate all of you here in our community, and we want to do everything we can do to right by you.

If you have questions on any of this, feel free to add them to our official discussion thread on this letter. Otherwise, we’re excited to see you tomorrow!

The ArcheAge Team

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