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Join Executive Producer Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, Localization Tester Sophie "Socke" Pickens, Senior Community Manger Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan, and Community Managers Scott "Mobi" Jasper and Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

FINALLY, Erenor Eternal is here! This week is we're celebrating with the players, new and old, with tons of giveaways. Come for the prizes, stay.... for the prizes! We'll recap 3.5 content and show off some sweet gear. See you there!

ArcheAge Erenor Eternal Livestream #4
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, June 8 at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

We'll be doing a TON of giveaways on the livestream, so bring your lucky rabbit's foot!

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