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Hey everyone,

We experienced a series of network issues last week that caused disconnections and latency across all Trion Worlds games. We’ve worked hard on resolving the issues, and we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just installed new hardware to help manage these issues in future.

Now that connections have become stable once again, we want to provide everyone who logged in during the issues with a heartfelt “Thank you!” for sticking with us through last week’s challenges. We know how frustrating disconnections can be and hope to see you back in your favorite Trion game soon.

If you logged in to ArcheAge between November 9th through Noon PST on the 22nd, over the next several days, you will receive the following:

Everyone: Drumstick, the permanent cosmetic Turkey pet (as many of you may have missed the final week of the event and ruined your streak) and 1 Login Badge (representing 21+ days of logins)
Patrons: Five extra days of Patron time will be added to your account!

You can claim this 0 credit pack of items by visiting and logging in. Look for the "ArcheAge Outage: Compensation" pack. Patrons: Your free time will be automatically added to your account with no action required from you. If you do not see the pack in your Glyph Store yet, check back later, as the items are still being sent.

Thanks again for adventuring with us in our many worlds.
Now, let’s get back to gaming!

All of your friends at Trion Worlds

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