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We've just confirmed with XLGames that the ArcheDelivery pack doodads (and packs carried by adventurers) were disabled several hours earlier than intended based on the way the event was coded. I realize some of you were in the process of completing a final run to earn your Mirage Donkey, Trade Costume, or even a final shot at Carrot Dash and may now fall short due to this bug. To compensate for the issue, we'll distributing 5 ArcheDelivery Coins and 3 Gifts of Gratitude to all players who logged in between 3/7/2017 and 3/8/2017.

Please note that the NPC and coin exchanger will disappear from primary cities and Diamond Shores when the event officially concludes. However, ArcheDelivery coins can still be exchanged in Mirage Isle at the composition workbench under the "Daru Delivery" sub-category. Thanks for your understanding and we'll post when the package becomes available for claim on the Glyph account management page (ETA Fri 3/10).


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