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Good tidings to you, Adventurer! Don your cold weather wear, for the Winter Maiden has come! Starting with regional maintenance on December 20 and December 21, you’ll be able to earn yourself more than a few holiday treats through a variety of limited time events!

The celebration of the Winter Maiden has come around again, and the hosts of the festival will be Marianople and Solis Headlands. These areas will be placed under Festival Law, which means that you will be unable to engage in PvP in those zones during the festival. Of course, the right of Guild Dominion trumps the Festival’s peace, so be on your guard! If you’re in a Dominion battle, you can still be attacked.

During the event, visit the Winter Maiden’s Messenger in your capital city to begin your path on the festival quests! The events involve hunting a winter ghost, praying for the maiden under Kyprosa’s Blessed Tree, and building snowmen in an unlikely place… Mistmerrow.

This year’s prizes include special snowman statues that may drop from the Winter’s Ghost, the new Grumpytree Ent non-combat pet, and these special prizes available from the Festival Exchanger. Remember: If you can’t get the rewards during the event, they will be available later at the permanent Festival Exchange Machine in Mirage Isle!
  • Grumpytree – 70 Festival Coins – This Greenman is holiday-ready and battle prepared!
  • Winter Maiden’s Lullaby – 70 Festival Coins – This holiday themed plushie will keep your house filled with the Winter Maiden spirit all year long!
  • Winter Maiden Festival Tree Chest – 16 Festival Coins – When opened, this chest has a chance to grant you one of four special Winter Maiden Trees for your home! Collect them all!
  • Cypress Music Box – 24 Festival Coins – It’s adorned with a Winter Maiden tree and ready to play some festival themed music!
  • Reindeer Headwear – 5 Festival Coins – Seasonal red and green reindeer horns, ready to be worn with all of your outfits.
  • Yule Maiden Hat – 5 Festival Coins – Who said the Winter Maiden only gets to wear the hat? Now you can too!
  • Snowman Headwear – 5 Festival Coins – A pair of snowman themed bobblers that are sure to keep you cheery whenever they’re worn.
  • Winter Maiden Fireworks – 1 Festival Coin – A fun firework to celebrate the season.
  • Winter Maiden Fireworks: EXP – 2 Festival Coins – A firework that provides a +3% EXP Boost for 60 min.
  • Winter Maiden Fireworks: Honor – 2 Festival Coins – A firework that provides a +5 Honor Point boost per kill for 60 min.
  • Winter Maiden Fireworks: Loot Drop – 2 Festival Coins – A firework that provides a +3% Loot Drop boost for 60 min.

Winter Maiden Festival Achievements

And what’s a festival these days without Achievements? Complete the objectives below to earn achievements. Also, if you completed any of these quests or objectives enough times during Winter Maiden 2014 or Winter Maiden 2015, they will be automatically unlocked for you!
  • Complete the “Icy Intruders” quest 5 times.
  • Complete the “A Prayer for the Winter Maiden” quest 5 times.
  • Complete the “A Very Merry Mistmerrow” quest 5 times.
  • Complete the “Blessing the Basins” quest 5 times.
  • Complete the “Blessing the Basins” quest 10 times.
  • Throw fifty Snowballs in Mistmerrow.
  • Throw over 200 Snowballs in Mistmerrow
  • Open five Snowman Plushie Boxes from the Winter Ghost.
The Maiden’s games will leave Erenor with maintenance on January 10 and January 11 with regional maintenance, so collect your coins before then!

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