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Heya ArcheAge Friends!

Many of you PM me or contact me every day through various means (forum PM, Twitter PM, Discord PM, Skype PM, email... etc.) or you read my posts here on the forums. Some of you get worried when I don't get back to you super quick, so I wanted to give you all the heads up that I will be away on work from March 8 to March 13. I'll be back in the office answering your queries on March 14.

The Trion Team is going to be at PAX East, and we hope to see some of you there! Make sure to drop by the booth to score a sweet PuP Plushie from Atlas Reactor, and say hi to myself and Quillodon, of course! We'll also be handing out code cards, which will net you a free in-game snail mount, the Candy-Fueled Fastropod!

Hope to see you at PAX or, if not, I'll see you when I return!


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