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Heya adventurers!

Just to give you all a heads up (because many of you communicate with me on a pretty regular basis), I'll be out of the office due to travel from September 1 - 12. Obviously, for those of you in Atlanta, Georgia, I'll be seeing YOU at DragonCon 2016. For those attending PAX West, make sure to say hi to Khrolan and Amary in the Trion Worlds booth!

In my stay will be Fasti and Brasse, who will be posting up articles, keeping up with the forums, and responding to maintenance messages. And, of course, the moderators will be around as normal too!

If you send me a PM or a question during that time, I won't be around to answer it. If you need support during that timeframe, please open a ticket with us at

I'll be back in the office for Tuesday, September 13. Good luck in your adventures until then!

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