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What was once reserved for only the wealthiest of Erenor’s merchants is now available for everyone to enjoy!

The silken cloth and intense hues of the Blossom Garb have reached the ArcheAge Marketplace. Each of these elegant pieces come in unique colors depending on where they are obtained, letting you stand out from any crowd, anywhere in the land.

New Credit Items (Fresh Start & Legacy)
  • Spring Blossom Garb – 2350 Credits – Spring features light pink and deep purple hues.
New Credit Items (Legacy Only)
  • Legacy Firework Blossom Crate – 420 Credits – This supply crate can offer up regrade points, lunarite, and consumable candies, as well as a rare chance to offer a Firework Blossom Garb, Storage Silo Design, or Sapphire Solarium design!
New Loyalty Items (Legacy & Fresh Start)
  • Evening Blossom Garb – 400 Loyalty Tokens – Evocative of the night, this garment features cool blue and aqua tones.
New Loyalty Items (Fresh Start Only)
  • Firework Blossom Garb – 400 Loyalty Tokens – This brilliant garment explodes onto the scene with dramatic red and gold colors.

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