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Here’s a look at upcoming sales to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Spring Cleaning Furniture Sale

It’s time for some Spring cleaning. You can freshen up your homestead with these stylish options, and organize your loot pile into incredibly useful storage chests. All for 50% off!

DURATION: March 15th through March 28th

  • Blue Yata Dreamer
  • Pink Yata Dreamer
  • Green Yata Dreamer
  • Orchidna’s Music Box
  • Spacious Storage Chest
  • Illustrious Storage Chest
  • Golden Teardrop Storage Chest
  • Car Display Stand
  • Owl Mailbox
  • Jumbo Green Elk Plushie
  • Jumbo Purple Elk Plushie
  • Jumbo Pink Elk Plushie

Returning Costumes

Now that your place looks great, you could use a bit of sprucing up too! You’ll look fantastic in any of these Yata and Greenman costumes, and accouterments!

DURATION: March 15th through March 28th

  • Winter Yata Costume
  • Prince Yateo Costume
  • Princess Greeniette Costume
  • Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Costume
  • Evergreen Suit
  • Autumn Greenman Suit
  • Cheerberry Yata Costume
  • Yada Yada Yata Hat
  • Striped Yada Yada Yata Hat
  • Black Yada Yada Yata Hat
  • Blue Rabbit-Yata Hat
  • Green Rabbit-Yata Hat
  • Red Rabbit-Yata Hat
  • Rabbit-Yata Plushie Hood

Credit Packs with Bonuses

Available to Legacy Server accounts only, these Credit Pack specials will come with some extra oomph!

DURATION: March 15th through April 11th
  • Purchase a $50 Credit Pack and receive a BONUS 50 Loyalty Tokens.
  • Purchase a $100 Credit Pack and receive a BONUS Seaskimmer Speedboat. Enjoy the ride!

Bonus Charms for a Limited Time

One is great, but two is twice as good! Buy one of these Regrade Charms and get a bonus Regrade Charm of the same type for free.

DURATION: March 29th through April 11th
  • Blue Regrade Charm
  • Green Regrade Charm
  • Red Regrade Charm
  • Superior Red Regrade Charm

Simply Charming Sale

But wait, there’s more! We’re putting this great bunch of cosmetic related items on sale, as well as a very limited special offer for Duun’s Blessing and Serendipity Stones!

DURATION: March 22nd through April 4th

Please note that these two items are limited purchases PER ACCOUNT.
  • Bound Duun’s Blessing – 2 per account
  • Bound Serendipity Stone – 5 per account

These cosmetic related items are not limited per account, or per server.
  • Auction Mannequin
  • Synthium Soap
  • Restoration Alembic
  • Crest Brainstorm
  • Fusion Alembic
  • Red Rose Dye
  • Yellow Narcissus Dye
  • Blue Lavender Dye
  • Basic Bleach
  • Pink Blush Dye
  • Amethyst Siren Dye
  • Verdant Harmony Dye
  • Black Obsidian Dye
  • Forsythia Dye
  • Liquid Gold Dye
  • Creamsicle Dye
  • Russet Bark Dye
  • Spring Leaf Dye
  • Storm Cloud Premium Dye
  • Ashen Smoke Premium Dye
  • Ocean Calm Premium Dye
  • Morning Cocoa Dye
  • Summer Leaf Premium Dye
  • Dance: Wiggle
  • Dance: Yatarena
  • Dance: All Out
  • Dance: Robot

– The ArcheAge Team

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