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Our final week of Erenor Eternal coverage is here, Adventurers! After this week, we’re full steam ahead in launching Erenor Eternal on June 7, and we can’t wait to see you there!

This week’s topic focuses solely on the two new land new areas added to Auroria: Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. You’ll learn a little about their backstory, why you want to visit, and what lies in store for your adventures there!

Getting the lay of the land

Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island are brand new territories to the West of Auroria. Whalesong Harbor is connected to Golden Ruins via a western path, while Aegis Island lies across the new Whaleswell Straits ocean area.

Whalesong Harbor is an expansive stretch of Auroria that once served as a major fishing port for the continent. Now, all that’s left in the region are the broken and rotten planks of the old Harbor and the preserved carcasses and bones of the whales who washed up from the sea.

The Harbor is now home to the Crimson Watch, who have begun utilizing new technology to thwart the evil necromancer, Anthalon’s, plans. These new machines are able to pull in Anthalon’s malevolent shadow and contain it, turning the energy into power that can be used to defend the area from his attacks.

To the west of the harbor lies Aegis Island, famous for two things: the grand Tower of Ipnya, which hovers as a glowing beacon in the center of the island, and the Great Seal which the hero Inoch created to hold back the dreaded Akasch.

While Inoch’s efforts were noteworthy, his seal was created long after the Akasch were first imprisoned. The seal stands as yet another temporary ward to keep the Akasch away from this world. In reality, the entire Island was created by the ancient Ipnysh heroes to keep the Akasch imprisoned. If the island, the seals, or the tower are ever destroyed, the Akasch will be freed.

What makes Whalesong and Aegis so special?

If you have your eyes set on Erenor gear and the gorgeous wing illusion that your character receives for wearing a full set (not to mention the great stats), then you’re going to need to become familiar with Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Both areas host special events that offer up the required Ipnish Blessing materials you’ll need to make your Erenor gear.

Each Ipnish Blessing requires 200 Acid Gobbets from Aegis Island to create one Acid Vial and 200 Cursed Armor Scraps from Whalesong Harbor to create one Complete Cursed Armor.

To get these important pieces, you’ll need to jump into two new events that take place separately in each area.

Tackling brand new events

Once Aegis Island or Whalesong Harbor reach war through the conflict system (which, as of Update 3.5, can be pushed forward via PvP kills, quest completions, or monster kills), the Crimson Watch will prepare themselves for an onslaught from their enemies. While both events are battles against waves of enemies and bosses that must be completed as a group, each has a different twist.

In Whalesong Siege, players will be scattered across the map at different key points depending on their faction. Nuia, Haranya, Pirates, and Player Nations all have different containment tower that they will need to defend. Pick up quests from the Crimson Watch Camp in the south before heading to your point.

Your Containment Towers can be defended using your skills, or you can make use of the mechanical turrets powered by malevolent shadow surrounding your tower. Simply walk up and activate a turret to fire it against the hordes of enemies that will approach.

Complete your 3 daily quests for an extra quest completion that affords some Cursed Armor Scraps and Honor Points.

In the Aegis Island Seal Defense, all factions will have to endure (or not endure) one another’s presence as they move about the island to prevent Anthalon from destroying the seals. The quests will instruct you where to head to defend, and you’ll be able to retrieve them from the Crimson Watch Camp just north of the Torch of Ipnya.

As you fight, you’ll be able to interact with the spirits of the ancient Ipnysh heroes and call upon them to aid you in the battle. Keep an eye out for them, as they are ready to turn the tides in your favor!

Conquer the Final Sealbreaker to end the event and collect your rewards.

Go beyond limits in Erenor Eternal on June 7!

We have one final Friday livestream to highlight skills and skill changes in Erenor Eternal starting at 1:30 PM PDT on! Make sure to join us, and we’ll see you next week for Erenor Eternal’s launch!

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