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Now’s a great time to grab some credits! Purchase one of the below credit packs and you’ll receive one of the following bonus gifts.

Unlike the prior bonus gifts from credit packs, you’ll be able to obtain these gifts multiple times per account.

Pick up a $50 Credit Pack for a BONUS tradable Orchidna’s Dream Lunastone!

Looking for a different augmentation to amp your defense? Use this lunafrost on your existing costume synthesis garb to increase your defense and resistance stats after being attacked. This buff can stack up to 7 times.

This Lunafrost can also be traded/sold on the Auction House or amongst friends. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, then you can drop by the Merit Store and pick up a bound version for 300 Merit Badges!

Pick up a $100 Credit Pack and receive a BONUS Orchidna’s Snakeskin Shroud and 2 tradable Orchidna’s Dream Lunastone!

Wrap yourself in the fury of the Abyss and live up to the Queen’s reign. This new Library Expedition costume is based on the look of Orchidna’s new dress, snakes and all. The Shroud and Lunastones are also tradable, so feel free to get it for friends or sell it to “friends.”

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