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The July Update has brought more than just bug fixes and small updates – it’s also brought a brand new set of limited time events that are offering great rewards! Make sure to catch these quests before they’re gone for good!

It’s Seabug Season: Now until August 2
It’s Seabug madness out there! Someone’s gotta do something!

Retrieve the Seabug quest from the Divine Clock and turn it in with an elder stationed at the Ezi’s Light in Austera, Ezna, or Diamond Shores. Hunt Giant Seabugs, Mother Seabugs, Level 50 Seabugs, and Level 35 Seabug Pupas to earn Sea Coins, or go after the Lusca with a trusty Hunting Harpoon to claim 2 Sea Coins. If you can hunt the Lusca 10 times, you’ll also earn a bonus 5 Sea Coins for your efforts and complete the achievement, “Young Gentleman.”

Redeem the coins for a variety of prizes including Fusion Alembics, Bound Crest Brainstorms, Yada Yada Yata Hats, the unique Windcreek and Silver Oasis Lute decorations, a Heroic Bound Caernord Sea Serpent Propulsion System, Salon Certificates, and more!

These quests will continue until 11:59 PM GMT on August 2!

Fish for Shining Shoals: Now until July 26
There’s a new type of shimmer in the water, and it’s not buried treasure! Grab your sport fishing set and head out to the seas to see if you can become a Master Fisherman by catching a brand new set of “shining” fish.

If you can catch the Shining Marlin, Shining Sailfish, Shining Bluefin Tuna, and Shining Sturgeon, head back to a fish stand so you can get them stuffed! Collect all 4 trophies to unlock a limited time achievement and earn the “Fiesta Fisherman” title and a Vocation Costume suited for fishing. This costume offers +3% swimming speed, an extra 5% experience bonus when labor points are consumed, 8% damage increase in sport fishing, and a 20% Cooldown time reduction on the propellant skill on fishing vessels.

Act fast! These fish and achievement disappear at 11:59 AM GMT on July 26!

Become a Weekend Mixer: Weekends from now until August 14
Every Saturday and Sunday is a new test of your alchemical prowess! Complete the daily elixir quest to gain a special elixir that will only last for 12 hours, but can stack a bonus every hour for 5 hours! The elixir won’t be consumed after drinking it either, so if you lose the buff you can drink it again to re-apply the bonus. The elixirs will expire after 12 hours even if they aren’t consumed, so make sure to drink them.

Saturday’s Liquid Fame elixir will increase honor points received from kills and quests. The bonus starts at a 20% increase and will increase by 20% each hour, all the way up to a 100% bonus on the last hour, hour 5.

Sunday’s Bubbling Energy elixir will help you recover extra labor points until they run out! The bonus starts at an extra 3 Labor regained every 5 minutes and will increase by 3 each hour its used, all the way up to a 15 labor per 5 minute bonus on the last hour, hour 5.

These potions will expire if you’re not logged in when their buff increases, so make sure to stay logged in to get the maximum bonus!

Weekend Mixer will last until 11:59 PM GMT on August 14.

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