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Pick up a pile of loot if you’re diligent enough to harvest some fruit! Raise your own Golden Trees from April 19 after maintenance to May 2 at 2:00 AM UTC (May 1, 7:00 PM PDT).

To get started with this limited time event head on over to Mirage Isle and meet with the Branch Manager. There you can pick up a Golden Aura Sapling once per day, which can be planted in private or public land, but not in public farms. If planted in public land, the Golden Aura Sapling can be uprooted by anyone, but only the owner can pick fruit from it.

Once planted, the tree will grow Golden Fruit in 10 minutes. Pick that fruit to start another fruit maturing in another 10 minutes, and then finally the third fruit will mature in 20 minutes. Golden Tree Fruit can only be used by characters who are level 50 or higher.

Fruit costs 50 labor to open, but it can offer a variety of Lunarite, Bound Weapon, Armor, or Accessory Regrade Scrolls. If you don’t get one of those prizes, the Fruit will at least give you a Worker’s Compensation: 50 labor potion to get your labor back.

If you can harvest all 3 fruit in a day, the tree will give you an extra piece of currency as a reward: a Golden Petal. These petals can be exchanged in Mirage Isle next to the Branch Manager, and can reward you with the following packages:
  • A pack with a Golden Aura Pot housing item and a Golden Apple for 5 petals.
  • A pack with a Golden Aura Flowerbed housing item and a Golden Apple for 5 petals.
  • The ultimate pack with 2 Golden Aura Pots, 1 Golden Aura Flowerbed, and 2 Golden Apples for 14 petals.
The Golden Aura Pot and Golden Aura Flowerbed can be used to decorate your home, while Golden Apples can be opened to offer 500 Labor, 500 Honor, or 500 Vocation.

So if you’ve been itching for Lunarite, don’t miss out on this event, and get started this Wednesday!

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