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You think you can handle a rough ride? Say you can tame anything to your will? Kid, you ain’t seen nothin’.

Try not to blow a gasket at this perfect fusion of mount and machine: the Siegeram Taurus! This piston-powered pulverizer is ready to take you on the ride of your life. Find him in this week’s newest Archeum Supply Crate, or purchase him with Loyalty Tokens!

New Credit Items
  • Siegeram Archeum Supply Crate – 490 Credits – Knock a few screws loose by grabbing this supply crate! Has a chance to offer Archeum, Lunarite, Synthium Shards, and Combat Scrolls. Rarely, the crate can offer Regrade Charms, Superior Red Regrade Charms, Lunafrosts, or the brand new Siegeram Taurus!

New Loyalty Token Items
  • Siegeram Taurus – 625 Loyalty Tokens
  • Siegeram Taurus Faceplate – 50 Loyalty Tokens
  • Siegeram Taurus Saddle – 60 Loyalty Tokens
  • Siegeram Taurus Joint Plating -- 65 Loyalty Tokens

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