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As the leaves fall, the hauntings begin again. Before the Hallowtide festival begins on October 25, stock up on these ghoulish goodies and spooky sales!

Hallowtide Furniture Sale: October 21 – November 4

Last year’s Hallowtide Furniture is returning at discounted prices! If you haven’t picked up a coffin of your very own, or a tombstone for your home, make sure to get them this year before they’re gone.

Style Sale: October 28 – November 4

Make a whole new you! Style items including Salon Certificates, Gender Swap Certificates, Fusion Alembics, Crest Brainstorms, and dyes have been discounted until November 4!

New Credit Items

Lunar 8x8 Farm – 1,000 Credits – Like their larger brothers, these farms are purchasable 1 per account and are exempt from increased taxes due to owning multiple properties. Their scarecrows also provide the functionality of a Farmer’s Workstation and are conveniently placed in the corner of the property instead of in the middle!

Hallowtide Credit Items (October 28 - November 18)

Prisoner’s Pride – 1,625 credits – They can’t keep you down, they can’t keep you chained! Wear your stripes proudly, accent them with the most eye-catching jewelry, and get back up to Diamond Shores before they send you back to the courts.

Tomb-Bound Wraps – 1,925 credits – You remember something about these hooded figures removing your brain, heart, lungs and intestines and putting them in jars, but you didn’t need any of that, right? At least these bandage wraps are comfy…

Pumpkin Charmer Costume Crate – 420 Credits – This box of costumes can rarely drop one of last year’s Hallowtide costumes (Golden Dawn or Bloodmaw Eveningwear) or one of this year’s picks -- Pumpkin Charmer (Witch) Costume, Captain’s Leathers, Elite Shadow Daru Uniform, Noble’s Whimsy Costume.

Stormduster Lockbox – 420 Credits – This oddly shaped box can rarely hold a Stormduster 1000 gliding broomstick, Pumpkin Bed, plushies, and more in addition to a whole host of great items.

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