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Update: Due to a set of differences between this list and the previously posted list, we are delaying this set of changes to March 3, 2017. Make sure to save your loyalty for one of your favorite items!

With a dragon’s hoard of exciting items coming in the new year, it’s time for another clean-up of the Loyalty Token Store! On Legacy servers only, a few items in the Loyalty Store will be bidding farewell in late January. However, the changes are for a great cause: to clear the way for 2017’s lavish Loyalty lineup!

As promised, we wanted to give as much warning as possible before removing any items, so you have enough time to claim them before they’re gone. So whether you need a Dragon House Uniform to complete your ArcheAge Academy collection, or a Siegeram Taurus to trample some faces, now is the time!

Items Retiring on January 20, 2017 (LEGACY SERVERS ONLY!)
  • Pumpkin Charmer Costume
  • Captain’s Leathers
  • Elite Shadow Daru Uniform
  • Noble's Whimsy Costume
  • Dragon Cultist Duster
  • Hellhound
  • Lotusmist Costume
  • Soulmule
  • Dragon House Uniform
  • Wyvern House Uniform
  • Royal Assassin Costume
  • Siegeram Taurus
  • Siegeram Taurus Face Plate
  • Siegeram Taurus Saddle
  • Siegeram Taurus Joint Plating
  • Aquestria
  • Summer Nights Swimwear
  • Flamefeather Glider
  • Gweonid Vine Giant
  • Vinetree Saddle
  • Vinetree Legguards
  • Vinetree Armor
  • Steel Lightning
  • Steel Lightning Helm
  • Steel Lightning Saddle
  • Steel Lightning Legguards
  • Narayana Squire
  • Stormwing Pegasus
  • Dread Steed
  • Dread Steed Helm
  • Dread Steed Saddle
  • Dread Steed Legguards
  • Shayeera
  • War Tiger Helm
  • War Tiger Saddle
  • War Tiger Legguards
  • Nocturne Griffin
  • Celestial Pegasus

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